Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A Little Make....

Normally I'm a creator in fabric & wool
this & last year however has been a little
different creatively speaking....
wood, paint & tiles have primarily been my creative outlet,
more out of necessity then choice if I'm honest.
The excitement of having finally made something in tweed
& denim this year, I guess is my justification of this
rather photo heavy post for a little cushion cover.

Most of my ideas swirl around forever in my head
before I get round to making them but then again there
are a few that just can't wait. 
Looking over at the wing-chair the other day
it just called out to me for a new cushion cover
that has a more Autumn feel about it.
With plenty of tweed scraps & denim in my stash
the fabric choice was easy.

As this cushion is right next to the hexagon blanket
it was important to me that the two work well together.
 I have always been someone that enjoys the design journey
(playing around with ideas & fabric)
 almost more then the making of it,
by the time I actually make (sew or crochet)
my project I have already mentally moved on to the next one. 

I LoVe deliberating over my design concepts
with a hot cuppa & sweet treat they are always
very helpful to finalize my decision.


Once I have made a final decision on the layout, it's all go.

I don't like zips in cushion covers therefore I always make
mine without instead opting for a very generous overlap opening.
 However this piece of tweed unfortunately was barley
enoughe to cover the back cushion making the overlap
a little smaller then I like so I may add a pretty
button at a later stage.   

I chose to make mitered corners.
They are a little more fiddly especially with fabric
that is naturally quite bulky & stretchy like denim.
But I feel it's well worth the extra "straggle"
for a beautiful finish.

As Autumn winds are swishing outside
& rain hits the window
I looked over at my wing-chair this afternoon....

feeling HaPpY....

I'm in LoVe....
Oh sOoOo in LOVE!

Wishing you all a beautiful week!


Saturday, 21 October 2017

Happy Watching....

With this season of Cold Feet coming to an end yesterday,
my evening TV drought especially on weekends has started.
I'm no "soaps" connoisseur, nor am I a lover of "talent" shows, 
so the run up to Christmas on TV 
is mostly a rather dull & boring affair for me.
Thank goodness for DVDs!
Thinking I may not be the only one out there who
finds telly a little uninspiring during the hibernation months,
I thought it'd be fun to share with you
ever so often one of my favorite films.
These posts are not reviews.... I'm no wannabe film critic.
You also won't find a long detailed synopsis about
the films highlighted on here either.
I see these posts more like a good host at a party, making the
introductions but the rest is up to you, nevertheless like a good host
I'm always very interested to hear your thoughts on it after.
Like everything else about me I don't fit neatly into one
specific film category box. There is however no point in denying
I'm very much a vintage & quirky movie girl at heart.
And therefor I'm starting off this "happy watching" series, with a film
that is vintage, quirky and has a real Autumn feel about it.
I LoVe murder mysteries & I like Hitchcock
but I definitely don't do gory blood & guts on screen,
I know to some that may seem a little contradictory....  

   "The Trouble with Harry"
however is perfect for exactly that contradiction. 
 Probably not the best known of Hitchcock's films,
it is the story of a small village during a beautiful
Vermont Autumn where the discovery of a newly dead body
in the woods creates more then a few problems
for some of the quirkier residents in the village.
A great black humored romantic comedy with stunning
scenery and unbelievable calmness even in the panic,
a real joy to watch!
The introduction is made,
 now I would LoVe to hear what you think?!?

HaPpY WaTcHiNg

Thursday, 19 October 2017

More Rejigging....

What is it about this time of year that makes me what
to rearrange.... organize.... sort?
 After the other day's rejigging of the backyard,
today's rejigging focus was firmly on my wardrobe.

 I'm a real girly girl when it comes to my choice of tops
with blush pinks & creams topping the list
all year round but during the
Autumn & Winter months my colour
focus changes a little to more
dark, rich greens & beige browns with a splash of red.

 Looking at this excuse of a shelf with clothes rail attached
calling itself a built-in-wardrobe, only reinforces
my longing for one of those all singing & dancing wardrobe
from that four letter Swedish Furniture store.  
All in white with glass fronted draws and lights that go on
as if by magic when you open doors & draws.
OH a girl can but dream.... 
well there is always next year of course.

In the meantime I'm trying to make the best with what I have.
I like the idea of being organised with my clothes,
everything being neat & tidy, with a "Summer & Winter" wardrobe
gives me less stress in my already much to rushed mornings.
As "Summer" has sad goodbye months ago
I finally moved my summer clothes to one side today.
Now when I open the wardrobe doors I see & have everything
that makes me feel warm & cosy during the damp cold months
right in front of me.


 When it comes to scarves I'm sorry but size does matter....
 the longer the better!
I LoVe wrapping them round & round & round,
creating a little cocoon around me.
I'm after all a hibernator at heart.


Tweed is another must have in my wardrobe,
right around this time of year, teamed up with flannel shirts.
What's not to LoVe especially when the flannel is red plaid!
Denim is a style institution.... a classic....
I wouldn't want to be without ever.

I'm all about layering....
two, three, four layers all warmly wrapped up 
with a woolly cardigan or jumper!

It has been fun rejigging my wardrobe for the Autumn & Winter chill
but looking at this photo
I have been left wondering is there a
"Hello my name is Anna & I'm a elbow patches addicted "
 support group out there?