Monday 4 July 2016

Hexagon is My New Stripe....

After the "rough seas" week we just had here in the UK post Brexit vote 
it's no surprise I'm longing for a bit of cosy comfort.
A fluffy.... warm.... reassuring.... comfort,
the kind you get from snuggling into a blanket,
a soft woolly one, like my Babushka Rose blanket.
Unfortunately I don't get to snuggle into it very often these days,
as baby Paperdoll has taken semi permanent possession of it.
It's not like we only have one snuggle blanket.
Oh no.... I have made a few large patchwork quilts over the years but I have only
ever gotten round to crocheting one blanket and that very one seems to be 
the one everyone is fighting over.

So I have concluded.... 
another woolly blanket is needed!!!
And since my yarn stash is in urgent need of some streamlining,
this realisation couldn't have come at the better time for me.


I have a tendency to over buy yarns for my projects
mainly due to a lack of proper planning,
throw in a bit of buying yarn just because
I love it's colour & texture and 
there you have my rather sizeable stash of odds & ends. 

So with a snuggle blanket in mind I had a good look
through my yarn, putting together a nice mix of colours 
all with fairly similar thickness. 
The yarns are a lovely mix of soft cotton & Merino wool 
which I think will make this blanket, perfect for snuggling!
I have a feeling though there may not be quite enough wool for
a medium to large blanket ....I guess I just make it up as I go along.
Like most of my creative projects if I'm perfectly honest.

Originally I did have a design idea for this blanket....
STRIPES I thought
thick stripes.... thin stripes.... chevron stripes.... wavy stripes....
wasn't quite sure which one is best, so I spent a few days searching online for
inspiration but I couldn't really see anything that sparked my imagination.
I also have to confess I did get a little sidetracked from
my original search after I come across these pretty crocheting hooks.
at first site question about that!
I have read crocheters rave about these Etimo hooks from Tulip before
but as I see myself more as a part time crocheter spending
any "big" money on hooks just seemed a bit overindulgent.
But somehow last weeks events have given me a bit more of a
"what the heck" attitude.
As nothing is certain living in the moment and giving in to my lust
for those most loveliest of hooks doesn't seem all that wrong anymore.  
And I have to say those raving reviews are justified the hooks are
a real joy to work with especially when crocheting non-stop for a few hours!

Yes I did mention stripes earlier you read correctly 
and yes what you are looking at looks nothing remotely like stripes.

Don't worry your vision hasn't gone all blurry.

Hexagon is my new stripe!
If Orange can be the new Black why can't Hexagon be my new Stripe?
I Love stripes & I still like the idea
of making a stripey blanket one-day but with my left over yarns
it just wasn't going to work for this blanket.

Inspired by a few different hexagon designs I seen during my stripe
search and keeping in-mind the vastly variant amounts of yarn 
in different colours I have available to me 
I drew a pattern that lets me make the most of each last scrap of colour.

And just like UK politics today....
I have no idea where I'm going with this,
neither about size 
nor have I given the edging any real thought. 
But unlike UK politics today....
I know when I'm finished with this blanket it will make me feel 
cosy.... comfy.... reassured.... warm....
but above all it will make me happy & smile! 


Wishing all my US readers a 
4th of July