Sunday 31 December 2017

Here is to 2018....

The eternal optimist in me
has to believe in a better tomorrow!!   

Wishing & hoping 
that 2018 for all of us
will be filled with

Good Health


Sunday 24 December 2017

Across The Miles....

wherever you may be
I wish you.... 

 a very HaPpY CHRISTMAS filled with 
**** heart warming joy ****
**** plenty of belly twisting laughter ****
& LoVe  

Tuesday 24 October 2017

A Little Make....

Normally I'm a creator in fabric & wool
this & last year however has been a little
different creatively speaking....
wood, paint & tiles have primarily been my creative outlet,
more out of necessity then choice if I'm honest.
The excitement of having finally made something in tweed
& denim this year, I guess is my justification of this
rather photo heavy post for a little cushion cover.

Most of my ideas swirl around forever in my head
before I get round to making them but then again there
are a few that just can't wait. 
Looking over at the wing-chair the other day
it just called out to me for a new cushion cover
that has a more Autumn feel about it.
With plenty of tweed scraps & denim in my stash
the fabric choice was easy.

As this cushion is right next to the hexagon blanket
it is important that the two work well together.
 I have always been someone that enjoys the design journey
(playing around with ideas & fabric)
 almost more then the making of it,
by the time I actually make (sew or crochet)
my project I have already mentally moved on to the next one. 

I LoVe deliberating over my design concepts
with a hot cuppa & sweet treat they are always
very helpful in finalizing my decision.


Once I have made a final decision on the layout, it's all go.

I don't like zips in cushion covers therefore I always make
mine without instead opting for a very generous overlap opening.
 However this piece of tweed unfortunately was barley
enoughe to cover the back cushion making the overlap
a little smaller then I like so I may add a pretty
button at a later stage.   

I chose to make mitered corners.
They are a little more fiddly especially with fabric
that is naturally quite bulky & stretchy like denim.
But I feel it's well worth the extra "straggle"
for a beautiful finish.

As Autumn winds are swishing outside
& rain hits the window
I looked over at my wing-chair this afternoon....

feeling HaPpY....

I'm in LoVe....
Oh sOoOo in LOVE!

Wishing you all a beautiful week!


Saturday 21 October 2017

Happy Watching....

With this season of Cold Feet coming to an end yesterday,
my evening TV drought especially on weekends has started.
I'm no "soaps" connoisseur, nor am I a lover of "talent" shows, 
so the run up to Christmas on TV 
is mostly a rather dull & boring affair for me.
Thank goodness for DVDs!
Thinking I may not be the only one out there who
finds telly a little uninspiring during the hibernation months,
I thought it'd be fun to share with you
ever so often one of my favorite films.
These posts are not reviews.... I'm no wannabe film critic.
You also won't find a long detailed synopsis about
the films highlighted on here either.
I see these posts more like a good host at a party, making the
introductions but the rest is up to you, nevertheless like a good host
I'm always very interested to hear your thoughts on it after.
Like everything else about me I don't fit neatly into one
specific film category box. There is however no point in denying
I'm very much a vintage & quirky movie girl at heart.
And therefor I'm starting off this "happy watching" series, with a film
that is vintage, quirky and has a real Autumn feel about it.
I LoVe murder mysteries & I like Hitchcock
but I definitely don't do gory blood & guts on screen,
I know to some that may seem a little contradictory....  

   "The Trouble with Harry"
however is perfect for exactly that contradiction. 
 Probably not the best known of Hitchcock's films,
it is the story of a small village during a beautiful
Vermont Autumn where the discovery of a newly dead body
in the woods creates more then a few problems
for some of the quirkier residents in the village.
A great black humored romantic comedy with stunning
scenery and unbelievable calmness even in the panic,
a real joy to watch!
The introduction is made,
 now I would LoVe to hear what you think?!?

HaPpY WaTcHiNg

Thursday 19 October 2017

More Rejigging....

What is it about this time of year that makes me what
to rearrange.... organize.... sort?
 After the other day's rejigging of the backyard,
today's rejigging focus was firmly on my wardrobe.

 I'm a real girly girl when it comes to my choice of tops
with blush pinks & creams topping the list
all year round but during the
Autumn & Winter months my colour
focus changes a little to more
dark, rich greens & beige browns with a splash of red.

 Looking at this excuse of a shelf with clothes rail attached
calling itself a built-in-wardrobe, only reinforces
my longing for one of those all singing & dancing wardrobe
from that four letter Swedish Furniture store.  
All in white with glass fronted draws and lights that go on
as if by magic when you open doors & draws.
OH a girl can but dream.... 
well there is always next year of course.

In the meantime I'm trying to make the best with what I have.
I like the idea of being organised with my clothes,
everything being neat & tidy, with a "Summer & Winter" wardrobe
gives me less stress in my already much to rushed mornings.
As "Summer" has sad goodbye months ago
I finally moved my summer clothes to one side today.
Now when I open the wardrobe doors I see & have everything
that makes me feel warm & cosy during the damp cold months
right in front of me.


 When it comes to scarves I'm sorry but size does matter....
 the longer the better!
I LoVe wrapping them round & round & round,
creating a little cocoon around me.
I'm after all a hibernator at heart.


Tweed is another must have in my wardrobe,
right around this time of year, teamed up with flannel shirts.
What's not to LoVe especially when the flannel is red plaid!
Denim is a style institution.... a classic....
I wouldn't want to be without ever.

I'm all about layering....
two, three, four layers all warmly wrapped up 
with a woolly cardigan or jumper!

It has been fun rejigging my wardrobe for the Autumn & Winter chill
but looking at this photo
I have been left wondering is there a
"Hello my name is Anna & I'm a elbow patches addicted "
 support group out there?

Sunday 15 October 2017

Autumn Backyard Rejig....

I bought a few Autumn flowers & spring bulbs the other day,
so today was a day for rearranging, sorting
& planting in my back yard.

This space has changed so much over this past summer,
that I'm still having to regularly pinch myself to believe what
Mr Mc & I have achieved here.
We are by no means finished but with the daylight getting
much shorter and weather worsening we have to call it a day
at least for now on our remodeling plans.

In the mean time I'm enjoying what we have already created here.

I'm in LoVe.... 
besotted LoVe.... 
from here to the Moon & back again LoVe!
This beautiful old whisky barrel is a wonderful gift from my Dad,
it looks perfect in this space
& serves the practical function of collecting the rainwater.   

Our back yard is fast becoming a wonderful mix of new & old!
Chipped & cracked crockery from our house
finds a new home in the garden.

With a little Anna treatment....
 a few coats of HaPpY blue paint
& a personalized logo,
this little new pot ladder from a discount supermarket
has been a great addition to our ongoing backyard project.
Allowing throughout the building work of new fences & sheds
for a small but pretty & colourful flower display
which could easily be moved around when needed.  

As the time spent out here for now is becoming less & less
I really cherish every minute I have in this
already very pretty little yard.
 I really feel so blessed to have an outside space
that I can call my own! 

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Memories in a Jar....

Not having to rush off to work and with the house
in utter silence this morning,
I took time to really enjoy my breakfast.
 A perfect Autumn breakfast.
Flickering candle, steaming fluffy latte
and the taste of summer on my bagel!

In August when my Dad came to visit for a few weeks we took
a little trip to a self-pick fruit farm to get a few strawberries
for a tart I was planing on making for dessert that evening....

a couple hours of.... one in my tummy two in the basket, 
or possibly the other way round.... who is counting !?!
we ended up returning home with mountains of yummy fruit.
Easily done, when you're having fun!
That evening I made not one, not two but three tarts.
Once finished the fruit mountain had barely been touched
so Mr Mc dug out our preserve jars and I got busy making Rote Grütze.
For those of you not so familiar with it, 
Rote Grütze (Rødgrød) is a red fruit pudding very popular in Germany & Denmark
during the summer months, mostly eaten with a vanilla sauce or ice-cream.
Mr Mc, myself & Teen Paperdoll are no huge fans of it
but Baby Paperdoll & my Dad absolutely LoVe it! 
Two 1kg jars filled to the brim later (sorry for the lack of photos
the jars got emptied just as fast as I had filled them)
we still had masses of fruit left over.
The only solution....
Making jam.... lots & lots of jam!
Strawberry & raspberry jam mix with a hint of vanilla.
The taste of the very best of summer in a jar.

 For me each jar is also filled with the
 much cherished memories of that beautiful day,
making it the perfect start to my day all year round!

Friday 29 September 2017

True LoVe....

As September draws to a close unmistakably Autumn is here!
Our days are getting shorter & shorter with the light fading
earlier each day.  The temperature has dropped just another couple
of degrees the leaves have started to change colour
 and the air is still damp but I'm not complaining!
I'm HaPpY!
If you have been following me on here for a while you know by now
I LoVe Autumn and next to Spring this is my favorite season!
There are so many things I LoVe about this time of year.

I LoVe Autumn days cozily lit up by the flicker of candles,
as the soft steam from a hot cuppa of goodness is floating
into a room where the air is filled with that comforting smell
of something yummy in the oven and we are all snuggled under
a warming blanket watching a film!

 I know I'm not the only one in my family enjoying those days.
Even Guinness is always up for snuggles.

I LoVe this little fella he is so full of personality.
At the ripe old age of 12 equaling 108 in human years he has become
a really cuddle bunny especially if the cuddles include a blanket!
His favorite blanket at the moment is my hexagon creation....
REMEMBER this one?   

I shared the beginning of it with you last July.
(If you fancy a little time travel ....this is the way back to July '16)

This gorgeous blanket was finished last November but I never quite
got round to sharing pictures of the finished piece with you....
something I have noticed happens far to often with me.

In my defense from the moment I had finished sewing in
the last loose end, it has been loved & used nonstop!
So it hasn't been easy to grab it for a little photo shoot.

I have to confess I had very little expectations for this
blanket at the beginning.
After all it is the result of a wild mix of odds & ends
with no real plan & idea of how it all would come together!
The overall blanket size and number of hexagons I would get
out of my leftovers remained a mystery until the end.

Working on something where nothing is a given,
everything is made up as I go along has been great fun.
Even when there were a few times
during my crocheting as the yarn colours started running out
I worried a little that I would not be able to achieve
that wonderful colour mix I have now ended up with.

As this blanket was always about busting my existing yarn stash,
the only new yarn purchase I made was the beautiful denim blue
Merino wool to join & border all 84 hexagons.
I have ended up with a large size lap blanket which is
very soft and super warm. 
I guess it is that soft warmth Guinness is so fond of.

I LoVe its beautiful colorfulness.
The colours melt into one another & then again pop all at the same time.
Looking at this heavenly blanket all spread out like this....
the mesmerizing magical happy memories of gazing
into a kaleidoscope as a child come flooding back.
This may be my first hexagon blanket but most definitely not my last!

Well there you have it ....even if a little belated....
my very happy hexagon Ta-Dah
I'm truly in LoVe!

Now I say goodbye for today so I can stake my claim
on this blanket and get snuggled into it for the evening....
enjoying a bit of Cold Feet.

Thursday 14 September 2017

A Higgledy-Piggledy Summer....

Scrolling through my Pinterest the other morning looking at an 
endless feed of beautiful Autumn pictures,
it dawned on me Summer has faded away and Autumn is now in the air.
When.... where.... how.... did this happen?

Maybe I didn't notice it as for me the Summer of '17
was the Summer that never was.
I was DISTINCTLY lacking that bright, happy Summer feeling,
instead I found myself more often then not feeling
lackluster, tired & washed out.

Please don't get me wrong I have laughed & loved a lot this summer, was good....
 it just hasn't felt quite the same as in summers gone by.

Pondering over why I have been feeling like this....
a higgledy-piggledy mix of reasons & events comes to mind,
some very personal.... others much more global.... 
their are those I can influence....
others that are completely beyond my control....
nevertheless impacting my every day.
Completely out of my control but having a big impact
on my cheeriness is the weather.... it has been most utterly PANTS!
Grey, damp & very wet best described as a giant wash out!!!
Not what I call summer!
I need warming sunshine in summer, I'm a season's kinda girl
Summer has sun & flowers blossoming,  Autumn has wind & leaves falling
I'm sure you get where I'm going with this....
Watching weather forecasts for elsewhere with their promises of
warm temperatures & glorious sunshine created something
in me I have never known I had before....  big fat weather envy!!
The odd glorious moments of sunshine we were blessed with, never quite lasted
long enough to lift my spirits & sufficiently replenish my vitamin D needs!

  Another out of my control event with big impact was being
notified in mid May that I was to be made redundant at the end of June.
 I very much enjoyed my little job and working for this company
altogether nearly nine years made this news a sad blow!
I needed a few days to wrap my head round it all!
I was lucky to find myself a new job within days of my notification but
this has meant I was unable to have anytime off with my Paperdolls
during the school summer holidays.
Something I soOo very much cherish, it is our easy, go with the flow,
 pottering at our pace time normally. Very much needed by me to
recharge my batteries, not having this time is probably the main reason
for my lackluster summer mood and why I completely lost
track of where we are in the year!

   I have had my first experience of been head hunted: the job kind.
(scary & exciting all at the same time)
A phone call out of the blue only days after I started my new job,
has left me pondering all summer what I really want verses what fits in
with my family life as well as trying to be everything to everyone.
An event where the outcome very much lies within my
control but it doesn't make the decision any easier for me
....because let's be honest here, when you are a Mum
it's more about the family then the want part in all this!
Hence why I'm still flip-flopping with my decision.

Much within my influence and then again completely out of my control
has been the building stuff in & around our house
that needed & still needs my attention, not the pretty fluffy finishing
bits & pieces I love getting stuck into but lots of that technical stuff,
very important but OH so flipping boring & therefore ÜBER exhausting!

My creative head most definitely hasn't been much help either,
working overtime with a million ideas whilst I'm lacking any time
to turn just one of them into reality.
This is one of teen Paperdoll's cake creations.... a super yummy mood booster!

 Topping all this, is the daily dose of crazy politics from
home & abroad on the evening news.
Am I the only one....?!?....
Silently screaming "stop all that crazy s**t". 
Desperately longing for someone intelligent to take control,
as I'm watching with utter disbelieving bewilderment, often cringing
with sheer embarrassment at the ignorant stupidity on display
by far to many of today's politicians.
For journalists on the other hand this Summer must have
been a dream, politicians were a gift that kept on giving.

Oh Summer '17 
you have been a strangely weird one....
not bad by any means....
but just not quite great either!

Okay moaning over!
Here is now hoping for the Autumn of all Autumns