Thursday 14 September 2017

A Higgledy-Piggledy Summer....

Scrolling through my Pinterest the other morning looking at an 
endless feed of beautiful Autumn pictures,
it dawned on me Summer has faded away and Autumn is now in the air.
When.... where.... how.... did this happen?

Maybe I didn't notice it as for me the Summer of '17
was the Summer that never was.
I was DISTINCTLY lacking that bright, happy Summer feeling,
instead I found myself more often then not feeling
lackluster, tired & washed out.

Please don't get me wrong I have laughed & loved a lot this summer, was good....
 it just hasn't felt quite the same as in summers gone by.

Pondering over why I have been feeling like this....
a higgledy-piggledy mix of reasons & events comes to mind,
some very personal.... others much more global.... 
their are those I can influence....
others that are completely beyond my control....
nevertheless impacting my every day.
Completely out of my control but having a big impact
on my cheeriness is the weather.... it has been most utterly PANTS!
Grey, damp & very wet best described as a giant wash out!!!
Not what I call summer!
I need warming sunshine in summer, I'm a season's kinda girl
Summer has sun & flowers blossoming,  Autumn has wind & leaves falling
I'm sure you get where I'm going with this....
Watching weather forecasts for elsewhere with their promises of
warm temperatures & glorious sunshine created something
in me I have never known I had before....  big fat weather envy!!
The odd glorious moments of sunshine we were blessed with, never quite lasted
long enough to lift my spirits & sufficiently replenish my vitamin D needs!

  Another out of my control event with big impact was being
notified in mid May that I was to be made redundant at the end of June.
 I very much enjoyed my little job and working for this company
altogether nearly nine years made this news a sad blow!
I needed a few days to wrap my head round it all!
I was lucky to find myself a new job within days of my notification but
this has meant I was unable to have anytime off with my Paperdolls
during the school summer holidays.
Something I soOo very much cherish, it is our easy, go with the flow,
 pottering at our pace time normally. Very much needed by me to
recharge my batteries, not having this time is probably the main reason
for my lackluster summer mood and why I completely lost
track of where we are in the year!

   I have had my first experience of been head hunted: the job kind.
(scary & exciting all at the same time)
A phone call out of the blue only days after I started my new job,
has left me pondering all summer what I really want verses what fits in
with my family life as well as trying to be everything to everyone.
An event where the outcome very much lies within my
control but it doesn't make the decision any easier for me
....because let's be honest here, when you are a Mum
it's more about the family then the want part in all this!
Hence why I'm still flip-flopping with my decision.

Much within my influence and then again completely out of my control
has been the building stuff in & around our house
that needed & still needs my attention, not the pretty fluffy finishing
bits & pieces I love getting stuck into but lots of that technical stuff,
very important but OH so flipping boring & therefore ÜBER exhausting!

My creative head most definitely hasn't been much help either,
working overtime with a million ideas whilst I'm lacking any time
to turn just one of them into reality.
This is one of teen Paperdoll's cake creations.... a super yummy mood booster!

 Topping all this, is the daily dose of crazy politics from
home & abroad on the evening news.
Am I the only one....?!?....
Silently screaming "stop all that crazy s**t". 
Desperately longing for someone intelligent to take control,
as I'm watching with utter disbelieving bewilderment, often cringing
with sheer embarrassment at the ignorant stupidity on display
by far to many of today's politicians.
For journalists on the other hand this Summer must have
been a dream, politicians were a gift that kept on giving.

Oh Summer '17 
you have been a strangely weird one....
not bad by any means....
but just not quite great either!

Okay moaning over!
Here is now hoping for the Autumn of all Autumns 


  1. Hello Anna, nice to hear from you again. I hope you choose the job you want the most, exiting...
    I understand you about the summer, here in Norway the weather has been a catasroph, hoping for a splendid september!
    Love your photos and your lovely cake,
    Hugs, Ida

  2. Gorgeous photos as ever!
    I like your new chalkboard etching, hope you have some crisp and dry autumn days to get out and fly a kite or go for some lovely long walks.
    The cake your daughter made is spectacular!
    I know what you mean about the outside world. I was a dedicated listener to the Today programme in the morning but I haven't switched on the radio for weeks.
    Here's to happier autumn days.
    Lisa x

  3. Beautiful pictures. I loved. Happy week. Best regards.

  4. Oh dear one, I think you are at a crossroads. No wonder you have been out of sorts. Sending much love to you. It does seem hard to find peace in the current world. Last night I had a dream about Trump. I can't tell you how very much I want to shake that dream. It's bad enough I can't avoid him when I'm awake. In my dream I had insinuated myself into his inner circle and was trying to trick him into leaving office! So funny though. I find myself wondering how anyone can support him and think he is a positive force in this world when it's so clearly not the case.