Sunday 27 April 2014

Easter holiday....

I sit here on this lovely spring evening and can’t quite believe 
that the Easter holidays have come to an end.   
Much.... much to fast for my liking!
I have had a beautiful couple of weeks, 
it’s so nice to have a break from the every day routine.
I have just gone with the flow.... nice and relaxed.  
The weather has been great here, 
with plenty of sunshine and lovely warm temperatures and the odd April shower.  
I LOVE April showers, especially the fresh smell it leaves behind.


 The Easter bunny did a great job spoiling us all with lots & lots of yummy goodies.
We visited family for a few days.... 
it’s nice to go away but it’s just as nice to come home.  
Every time I go away I realize how much of a home bird I really am.  
Home sweet home is still my favorite place. 
 I have baked & played around.... experimented.... with some new frosting techniques.

To be honest rarely do my cakes survive long enough to make it from the baking tray 
onto a cake stand, especially if Mr Mc and the paperdolls are around.  
So if I’m lucky enough that a cake does survive, it’s nice to give it a little extra special finish.

A moist fluffy chocolate sponge, with a soft cheese frosting.

Heaven in a slice.
My camera has been my companion on most days....

and blossom....

beautiful blossom 
....of all shapes and sizes have been my image of choice.

There is something magical about spring and it’s beautiful blossom.  

I have loved getting up early....
very early most mornings, while the rest of the family was still fast a sleep.

Just sitting, drinking my latte, listening to the birds and watching the sun rise.  
A perfect start to my day.
I have also loved....
spending much of my holidays in my pretty sewing room, 
finishing some of my unfinished projects from last year and starting a few new things.

I love this room,
 it will be something I will miss very much when we move out of here.
Golly is that the time already.... 
tomorrow it’s back to the daily routine and I still have to get a few things organised, 
so I bid you good night for now!

Saturday 19 April 2014

Wednesday 2 April 2014

A beautiful start....

sparkling sunshine ♥ 
a lovely warmth in the air
birds singing   

flowers on my table

I just love this beautiful start to April.