Tuesday 9 January 2018

Sadly Missed....

Last Saturday we had to make the heartbreaking
decision to say goodbye to our beloved Guinness.
This has been one of the most difficult decisions we had
to make as a family, he was such a huge part of our everyday life
for so long, letting him go we all knew was not going to be easy
and would leave us with a massive void.
 However I believe truly loving also means letting go
when it is for the best even when your not ready....

The last few days have been tremendously emotional and raw
with floods of tears still uncontrollably popping up,
home feels strange & a little hollow without the gentle
pitter patter sound of his paws as he is hopping around.
We catch ourselves doing things as if he were still with us.  
I guess it will take time before we find our new normal. 
We have all been hit by his loss much harder
then I could have ever imagined!!! 

Chosen in 2005 by a then not so teen teen Paperdoll he came
to live with us at only six weeks old, that day I could not have foreseen
in my wildest dreams how much of a beautiful impact this sweet little
black & white bunny would have on each of us over the years.
A life before Guinness is something baby Paperdoll can't even remember.
 The two of them have been thick as thieves ever since
baby Paperdoll made her first steps.
It was impossible not to fall in LoVe with this charming character,
he had us wrapped around his little whiskers within days,
we loved spoiling him & he enjoyed the attention!
Outliving the average life expectancy for bunnies by quite a few years, 
he reminded us daily, not just in recent years, he was anything but average!!!

He was a truly uniqe bunny....
....he had an opinion on the telly programme and if he didn't approve 
of your choice he'd soon let you know about it
....he loved cuddles  
....went wild for peanuts, peanut-butter & peanut-flips
....enjoyed Christmas
....forever inquisitive 
....loved sitting by my feet
....spent hours gazing into flickering candles
....always followed Mr Mc to the kitchen
to see what sweet treat was on offer
and he was of the opinion furniture was not just for humans.
He was wonderfully funny. 
Unbelievably easy to look after needed so very little from us
yet giving so much happy distraction to us, especially during
tough times like Mr Mc deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan.

 Guinness for a little over twelve & a half years you spoiled us
with your cheeky.... funny.... sweet.... loving.... personality 
and we loved every minute of it!!
You have given us the most beautiful memories 
that will be cherished in our hearts & minds forever.  

We have been truly blessed to have had you with us for as long as we did.
Thank you for your beautiful unconditional LoVe!!!

!! You are so sorely missed !!


  1. Dear Anna, I am so sorry for your loss of Guinness... Yes, one gets so in love with a pet.
    We have a cat, and I fear the day he is no longer here.
    But when he was suffering, it was the best for him letting him go.
    Sending you hugs and warm thoughts❤️


  2. Oh goodness. Bless your family. Our furry family members are so much a part of our hearts.