Friday 29 September 2017

True LoVe....

As September draws to a close unmistakably Autumn is here!
Our days are getting shorter & shorter with the light fading
earlier each day.  The temperature has dropped just another couple
of degrees the leaves have started to change colour
 and the air is still damp but I'm not complaining!
I'm HaPpY!
If you have been following me on here for a while you know by now
I LoVe Autumn and next to Spring this is my favorite season!
There are so many things I LoVe about this time of year.

I LoVe Autumn days cozily lit up by the flicker of candles,
as the soft steam from a hot cuppa of goodness is floating
into a room where the air is filled with that comforting smell
of something yummy in the oven and we are all snuggled under
a warming blanket watching a film!

 I know I'm not the only one in my family enjoying those days.
Even Guinness is always up for snuggles.

I LoVe this little fella he is so full of personality.
At the ripe old age of 12 equaling 108 in human years he has become
a really cuddle bunny especially if the cuddles include a blanket!
His favorite blanket at the moment is my hexagon creation....
REMEMBER this one?   

I shared the beginning of it with you last July.
(If you fancy a little time travel ....this is the way back to July '16)

This gorgeous blanket was finished last November but I never quite
got round to sharing pictures of the finished piece with you....
something I have noticed happens far to often with me.

In my defense from the moment I had finished sewing in
the last loose end, it has been loved & used nonstop!
So it hasn't been easy to grab it for a little photo shoot.

I have to confess I had very little expectations for this
blanket at the beginning.
After all it is the result of a wild mix of odds & ends
with no real plan & idea of how it all would come together!
The overall blanket size and number of hexagons I would get
out of my leftovers remained a mystery until the end.

Working on something where nothing is a given,
everything is made up as I go along has been great fun.
Even when there were a few times
during my crocheting as the yarn colours started running out
I worried a little that I would not be able to achieve
that wonderful colour mix I have now ended up with.

As this blanket was always about busting my existing yarn stash,
the only new yarn purchase I made was the beautiful denim blue
Merino wool to join & border all 84 hexagons.
I have ended up with a large size lap blanket which is
very soft and super warm. 
I guess it is that soft warmth Guinness is so fond of.

I LoVe its beautiful colorfulness.
The colours melt into one another & then again pop all at the same time.
Looking at this heavenly blanket all spread out like this....
the mesmerizing magical happy memories of gazing
into a kaleidoscope as a child come flooding back.
This may be my first hexagon blanket but most definitely not my last!

Well there you have it ....even if a little belated....
my very happy hexagon Ta-Dah
I'm truly in LoVe!

Now I say goodbye for today so I can stake my claim
on this blanket and get snuggled into it for the evening....
enjoying a bit of Cold Feet.


  1. Hello Anna! Autumn is a lovely season, with all its wonderful colours, and it's cosy to relax inside.
    Your blanket is so beautiful, I love the pictures in the sun. And how cute Guinness is, we have a cat and we love him so much. It is such a joy to have a pet. Wishing you a lovely autumn sunday,
    Ida xxx

  2. Hello Anna, the pictures are beautiful.
    What grace is the rabbit yours?
    Very beautiful the quilt or blanket.
    Good entry of month.

  3. Beautiful blanket and I cannot even imagine how lovely it must be to have a sweet cuddly bunny! Happy autumn to you. It's my favorite too!

  4. Hello Anna, beautiful pictures and a beautiful work. I loved. Have a Happy autumn.