Sunday 18 August 2013


Hello there.... its so nice to see you here again! 
At this point in the month I was really hoping to share with you a little sewing project
I have been working on for a couple of weeks.
I had it all planned at the beginning of the month.....
but never go’s as planned.  
A little tick bite I had a couple of weeks ago that was all forgotten about seen to that......
it started with a red mark I ignored for a few days, then came the headaches,
tiredness & pain in the joints to make it short I ended up in hospital
just over a week ago with a drip in my arm....
diagnosis.... suspected Limes Disease.....
nothing to be flippant about as I have since discovered!! 
Thank goodness I’m now out of hospital and feeling much better.  
However the sewing schedule I made for the summer holidays is well & truly out of the window! 
So unfortunately I can only give you a sneak preview. 

Revamping some of my old cushion covers for the garden furniture was the plan. 
It has since grown to more then just a few cushion covers, 
but more about that tale with the photos of the finished project.

Fingers crossed I have this finished by mid September,  
just in time for the last few days of summer in the garden.  Here´s hoping.  
Today though I’m off to Denmark
with Mr Mc & baby Paperdoll for a couple of days well earned R&R. 
 Have a lovely week!  

P.S.  Not to scare anyone but....PLEASE....PLEASE....check out the information on tick bites/
Limes Disease available on many reputable health care websites.  Limes disease can be a real nasty disease which can cause long term health effects if not discovered & treated early!!  
And with this disease.... KNOWLEDGE is POWER!!!        

Friday 2 August 2013


Sorry today will only be a short post....
but I really wanted to share this little happiness with you!
As I am sure you have gathered by now its little pretty things that make me very happy.
Like my garden for example, Mr. Mc & I are no gardener’s by any stretch of the imagination
more like a couple of hopeless amateurs with often no idea what is a weed or plant
but somehow our garden seems to forgives us, the amateurism
and still rewards us with a beautiful mix of blossom.
And in July our garden really started to come into its own.

So over the past month I have been taking photos of the pretty blossom to share them
with you in the hope it will bring you a little happiness too!!
After all who doesn’t like flowers?!

  Sorry again for the shortness of this post...
but with the Paperdolls on summer holidays I try to spend as much time with them as possible
and squeeze in a teensy-weensy time for a couple of little....large
sewing projects that I like to get finished soonest.
Hopefully I will be able to share one of them with you later this month!
Until then have a lovely August!!