Monday 1 January 2018

A Glance Back....

2018 has started
with the morning after the night before!
I was so very happy last night to say goodbye to 2017,
a crazy and so unbelievably surreal year!

Unlike this photo may suggest....
my farewell to this past year was a lovely quiet one
with Mr Mc & the Paperdolls, just how I like it!
Playing games and being amazed by superb card tricks performed
for us by baby Paperdoll (a little magician in the making),
watching the New Years Eve classic "Diner for One"
followed by firework shows from around the world!
At midnight there were Sparklers & Champagne!
No "New Years Resolutions" from me, I'm filled instead with
plenty of Hopes & Dreams for this coming Year!

Yesterday morning, before the final countdown, I grabbed a quiet moment.
A little reflection was needed!
My last few weeks have been so hectic that much of them feel a little blurry
to me now, so before I fully submerge myself into the Year ahead
I needed a moment to remember
the everyday beauty & excitement of my last two months.

At the beginning of November I spent a couple of days in Berlin,
for the first time in two years, meeting up with family & dear friends.
I'm very glad I made this trip, I had the loveliest time.
Hopefully it won't be so long next time before I return. 

As a rule I'm someone who likes to play it safe and my job choices
are no exception to that rule but after a lot of
back & forth with myself last summer, I decided to jump
into the new job venture I mentioned on here before.  
 I have to confess the jury is still out on whether or not this job
is right for me, more time is needed to make that call.
Knowing however that no matter how this works out
I will never be left wondering
..?..WHAT IF..?.. 
leaving me with a wonderful content feeling.
If nothing else this has been a life lesson for me!

The snow came early this Winter, first only on higher ground.
Living in the Scottish Highlands has without question it's downsides
but the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside
is definitely not one of them! 

 Then overnight our neighbourhood was....

turned into a Winter wonderland.

I LoVe how snow turns the mundane into....


Much to the delight of baby Paperdoll
the snow was so plentiful she could build a large snowman:
He lived in our front garden for nearly a week.
It still is the simple things children find the most joy in!


I had many ideas of what I wanted to do creatively in the run up to
Christmas, but in the end I literally run out of time.
Lesson learned.... 
this year start creative Christmas makes in September!!!    

My Christmas was a cosy simple beautiful time
....practically perfect in every way!

Looking forward to this year....
I'm determined to shape my everyday leaving me feeling less 
like the passenger on the wrong ship
but more like the captain of my own destiny! 


  1. Hello, dear Anna. It is a new year full of possibilities, I hope you will find out what's best for you. Sometimes it is very difficult to know, and I think it is not good that our lives are so stressful... I am also searching for the "right" job, I really hope I will find it soon.
    Take care, your pictures are beautiful,

    Ida xxx

  2. Oh goodness you and I are of like mind! I could have written that last paragraph myself! Hoping your 2018 is everything you wish.