Thursday 28 February 2013


I have finally made it!!!  
A blog, it’s taken me a long, no a verrrrrrrry long time. 
First contemplating the pros & cons of having a blog,
after all there are so many great blogs on all things sewing,
crocheting and general crafting out there, that I was’t sure what I could add. 
But realizing that coming across a new blog reading and seeing photos of other craft projects,
or discovering a great new recipe on an afternoon when I didn’t know what to cook,
inspired me.  So I finally decided to make my own blog, to record my creative journey
and hopefully inspire someone else along the way. 
However with that decision came the next challenge,
making a blog header meant finding my way round the Photoshop elements program
that I installed on our mac four years ago and never really got the hang of. 
As I'm a very visual person and trying to learn something new from a instruction booklet when I rather be sewing or doing something else creative, wasn't very successful and so my plans were put on hold,
staying there for a year.  But it was always in the back of my mind than when I had time,
I will...I will....I will... get my head round this, 
and finally on a rainy Saturday in February of this year I decided once again to give it a go. 
Long and behold I stumbled across two great web sites with tutorials on blog headers and Photoshop elements, it was a classic Ahhhaaaaaaaaaa moment,
falling all into place. So a HUGE  thanks to Kayla from and Nicole from, your tutorial help me no end.  
I still haven’t managed to get everything as I like,
but as I always say to my Paper Dolls (my girls) when they sew, practice makes perfect. 
I must take these words to heart, 
in the meantime please bear with me.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit and please drop by again!!