Tuesday 19 November 2013

A grey drizzly curtain....

What a cold, wet, miserable last couple of weeks it’s been here!!
Looking out of the window is simply depressing
None of the ever closer coming festive cheer here yet.
Clouds....clouds & more clouds
Not the fluffy white ones, I soooooooo love
the ones you stare at floating in the blue sky on a lovely summers day
trying to figure out what there shape reminds you of. 

Oh no we have been “blessed” with the grey drizzly ones
covering the sky like a thick heavy curtain,
making the daylight hours a permanent gloomy grey.
It hasn't stopped me from being busy with making “this & that”
and I really would have loved to have shared by now some of it with you.  
But with the light being so dreadful inside and out
taking photos has really been no fun.
I’m not a fan of taking photos in artificial light or using a flash
somehow I am never happy with the end result
and so every attempt to take some over the last couple of days
was abandoned be me.
My favorite blogs speak to me with their photos and I try to do the same on here
as a good post to me is as much about the photos as it is about the words
 they go together like

 spots & stripes

       chocolate & marshmallow

   Christmas & candy cane

So as soon as the drizzle cloud curtain lets just enough light through 
for me to take some pretty photos of my “this & that” I will be sharing it with you.
 Until then wherever you are have a lovely week!

Thursday 7 November 2013

The beginnings of a green scarf.....

we have had cold grey wet start to November just like October ended.....
all the lovely autumn colours have turned into sludgy muddy browns here,
the only exception to this I have noticed during our woodland walks 
are the last bits of green around. 
The mosses and ferns are radiating with there richness in colour!

The sky is a permanent dull grey with a damp feel in the air and 
the lamps at home have to be on all day.

Time for me to snuggle up when ever I can.... under a quilted throw with a hot drink, 
this is the perfect time to start a new knitting project.
I’m in need of a scarf....
at this time of year I’m rarely seen without one ....
A green one is needed....
over the last couple of weeks my wardrobe has had a influence of clothing in a mix of greens....
When I step into a good yarn shop,  I'm stepping into a Aladdin's cave
so many lovely yarns....
tweet wool....baby merino....angora....alpaca....cashmere....
in the most beautiful shades, I have to remind myself its green’s I am after.....
but even in green’s there is an endless choice and I’m suppose to pick one??

I adore the soft fluffiness of angora next to the rustic texture of tweet wool 
mixed with the strength of alpaca and delicateness with wool lace....

The mix of pale jades with rich moss and dark emerald greens....
....yarns with a little shine next to matt textures once.

Sorry its not possible for me to pick just one and maybe that is why 
I like knitting this style of scarf so much it allows me 
to mix all the different yarns I like in one project!

I'm only at the very beginning  and with each row having 260 stitches 
and round about 80 rows still to go, I still have a fare bit to knit.  
But with the weather forecast to stay much the same over the next couple of weeks, 
 I hopefully get plenty of snuggle up time to get this finished soon. 
I will keep you posted!
Have a great weekend!