Tuesday 19 November 2013

A grey drizzly curtain....

What a cold, wet, miserable last couple of weeks it’s been here!!
Looking out of the window is simply depressing
None of the ever closer coming festive cheer here yet.
Clouds....clouds & more clouds
Not the fluffy white ones, I soooooooo love
the ones you stare at floating in the blue sky on a lovely summers day
trying to figure out what there shape reminds you of. 

Oh no we have been “blessed” with the grey drizzly ones
covering the sky like a thick heavy curtain,
making the daylight hours a permanent gloomy grey.
It hasn't stopped me from being busy with making “this & that”
and I really would have loved to have shared by now some of it with you.  
But with the light being so dreadful inside and out
taking photos has really been no fun.
I’m not a fan of taking photos in artificial light or using a flash
somehow I am never happy with the end result
and so every attempt to take some over the last couple of days
was abandoned be me.
My favorite blogs speak to me with their photos and I try to do the same on here
as a good post to me is as much about the photos as it is about the words
 they go together like

 spots & stripes

       chocolate & marshmallow

   Christmas & candy cane

So as soon as the drizzle cloud curtain lets just enough light through 
for me to take some pretty photos of my “this & that” I will be sharing it with you.
 Until then wherever you are have a lovely week!

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