Saturday 7 December 2013

Winter has arrived....

After the storm on Thursday which thankfully we have survived unscathed, 
came overnight the winter with plenty of snow and much to the delight of 
the Paperdolls and myself turned our neighborhood into a winter wonderland.

Early Friday morning the Paperdolls where glued to the radio in anticipation 
for an announcement that the schools would be shut for the day.  
With teen Paperdoll going through her mock GCSE exams at the moment 
 if I'm been honest for her any excuse not to go to school is a good one at this time.  
But no such luck for them on this occasion, school’s were open so off they went.     
And I enjoyed a walk in the snow covered woods 
at the bottom of our street on my own.

....I just looooooove the crisp air on a winters morning....

The woods are so full of life with constant rustling in the undergrowth 
and yet they are peace and tranquility itself.

And after such a walk what could be nicer then 
a lovely neighbor knocking on my door and handing me these beautiful 
homemade cupcakes just because she had some spare.  
It really is these little acts of kindness by my friends & neighbors 
that make my day every time.

I managed to wait for the paperdolls to come home from school 
before tucking into this beauties.
Hot chocolate made the perfect companion for the cupcakes.

We all snuggled up, switched on the Christmas lights and watched 
the snow falling in thick flakes outside.  
It was a perfectly lazy Friday afternoon.     
Unfortunately I can’t afford any more of this lazy days as I’m already behind 
with my list of Christmas preparations.  
Nothing new for me, just like Christmas comes round every year 
 so does my last minute prepping stress!  
I will say bye for now so I can start catching up with my list.
Have a peaceful second advent.

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