Tuesday 10 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

decking the halls starts in our house on Thanksgiving eve with a 
classic Christmas movie and the putting up of our tree. 
It’s our tree’s 20th Christmas anniversary this year and I still remember 
Mr Mc’s shock at the then rather steep price of 69 pounds.
 I knew even then though it would workout a great investment and I have been proved right.  
Now I only dread the day when we have to retire the tree 
as the paperdolls have never known another Christmas tree in our house 
and are rather attached to this one. 

After putting the tree together we start of with the lights, 
 normally a job for Mr Mc, but he was away for a couple of weeks so it was left to me this year.  
This is followed by spending most of the evening bickering over which baubles and
ornaments are the prettiest and where to hang them.  
The bickering seems to be every year as much part of our Christmas preparations 
as biscuits & cups of hot chocolate.

I looooooove the beautiful mix of baubles & ornaments that we have gathered over the years.
    I find it impossible to pick my favorite one.

I adore the way the light makes the glass look like ice....

To many to show them all....
A couple of years ago I made the “executive” decision 
....to much protest of the paperdolls....
that our tree is only decorated with
....glass....white....silver....&....sparkle....lots and lots of sparkle

But just because there is a colour restriction....
doesn’t mean the paperdolls haven't got a say when we buy new ornaments for the tree.
 After all what is Christmas without a ....BIG.... slice of kitsch!

Even Mr Mc a fan of most things "stags" gets to have some on the tree.
And every year we have a few bauble and ornament causality's 
but to me that makes a Christmas tree interesting over the years.
A mix of old and new.
We still have a little more decorating in the house to do
 but it already has very much the feel of Christmas.

Have a week filled with the magic of this season and
 ....THANK YOU.... 
so much for taking the time and popping by.  
I am only too aware that in the run up to Christmas spare time is very scarce.

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  1. What a beautiful post! Just gorgeous. I back linked to find you from the comment you left on my blog. Did you know that you come through as a No Reply when you leave a comment. If you want to fix that let me know and I will send you the instructions. It is an easy fix. Hope you have a great Friday- xo Diana