Saturday 14 December 2013

I'm Smiling....

Hello its so lovely to see you here again.
How has your week been?  
I hope it was filled with lots of festive joy
and not to much pre Christmas stress! 
 My week has been busy with the latter
and a last minute sewing project.  
Why..oh..why do I do it every year???  
....I can’t blame anyone else.... 
....I think it’s the quiet rebel in me that makes me do that.... 
I mean as a Mum in the run up to Christmas
so much of your time is being pre booked 
....nativity plays....carol singing....Christmas parties....
time & dates dictated to you.  
Not to mention all the other prepping that has to be done. 
....Your time becomes everyone else's....
 And I think that is why I like to make something just because 
“I want to” with no “must” pressure attached.  
Silly really as it means I just have more to do in the same time.  
But looking at these cushions I know that,
for me as crazy as it sounds, 
it’s the right thing to do.  
As I am looking at these, I can’t stop smiling.

I’m smiling because....
I so vividly remember the lady at the shop
where I bought my “new” sewing machine 
telling me about the great quilting features my new machine had.  
I smiled politely thinking to myself quilting.... never!!  
How does the saying go “never say never”.

I’m smiling because....
here we are a little over six years later  I love machine quilting!!

I just adore these vintage fabrics for their sweet kitsch.... 
I loved picking out the various
Santa’s, birds, letters on these fabrics
bringing them to life by quilt around them.

I’m smiling because....
something can turnout so very different
then I had envisaged yet be so beautiful.  
I loooooove playing with fabric
seeing how different colours and prints work together.
I will have to call this my stars and stripes Santa cushion.

I’m smiling because....
I wanted a complimenting contrast.  
It took quite a bit of playing around
to make all the different fabrics work.
I am a fabriholic, and all the fabrics I have used for this
 have been in my stash for quite a while,
just waiting for the right project!

I’m smiling because....
Knowing that all the pre Christmas stress will have been well worth it, 
when we are all enjoying a lovely family Christmas together!


I'm smiling because....
looking at Santa's cheery face on this cushion
just fills me with happiness!

 I'm Smiling because.... 
 these cushions make the Paperdolls smile 
and what can be better then seeing your children smile.

Have a joyous 3rd advent weekend

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