Thursday 19 October 2017

More Rejigging....

What is it about this time of year that makes me what
to rearrange.... organize.... sort?
 After the other day's rejigging of the backyard,
today's rejigging focus was firmly on my wardrobe.

 I'm a real girly girl when it comes to my choice of tops
with blush pinks & creams topping the list
all year round but during the
Autumn & Winter months my colour
focus changes a little to more
dark, rich greens & beige browns with a splash of red.

 Looking at this excuse of a shelf with clothes rail attached
calling itself a built-in-wardrobe, only reinforces
my longing for one of those all singing & dancing wardrobe
from that four letter Swedish Furniture store.  
All in white with glass fronted draws and lights that go on
as if by magic when you open doors & draws.
OH a girl can but dream.... 
well there is always next year of course.

In the meantime I'm trying to make the best with what I have.
I like the idea of being organised with my clothes,
everything being neat & tidy, with a "Summer & Winter" wardrobe
gives me less stress in my already much to rushed mornings.
As "Summer" has sad goodbye months ago
I finally moved my summer clothes to one side today.
Now when I open the wardrobe doors I see & have everything
that makes me feel warm & cosy during the damp cold months
right in front of me.


 When it comes to scarves I'm sorry but size does matter....
 the longer the better!
I LoVe wrapping them round & round & round,
creating a little cocoon around me.
I'm after all a hibernator at heart.


Tweed is another must have in my wardrobe,
right around this time of year, teamed up with flannel shirts.
What's not to LoVe especially when the flannel is red plaid!
Denim is a style institution.... a classic....
I wouldn't want to be without ever.

I'm all about layering....
two, three, four layers all warmly wrapped up 
with a woolly cardigan or jumper!

It has been fun rejigging my wardrobe for the Autumn & Winter chill
but looking at this photo
I have been left wondering is there a
"Hello my name is Anna & I'm a elbow patches addicted "
 support group out there?


  1. Loving your autumn warderob, Anna! The denim is a favourite of mine too, and I am in cherch of a perfect flannel shirt.
    Your scarf is beautiful,
    Have a lovely weekend, Idaxxx

  2. Your wardrobe looks incredibly well organised. I would love a spare room sized wardrobe!
    Love the tweed jackets.
    Hope you enjoy wearing your snuggly outfits o some crisp autumnal walks.
    Lisa x