Sunday 15 October 2017

Autumn Backyard Rejig....

I bought a few Autumn flowers & spring bulbs the other day,
so today was a day for rearranging, sorting
& planting in my back yard.

This space has changed so much over this past summer,
that I'm still having to regularly pinch myself to believe what
Mr Mc & I have achieved here.
We are by no means finished but with the daylight getting
much shorter and weather worsening we have to call it a day
at least for now on our remodeling plans.

In the mean time I'm enjoying what we have already created here.

I'm in LoVe.... 
besotted LoVe.... 
from here to the Moon & back again LoVe!
This beautiful old whisky barrel is a wonderful gift from my Dad,
it looks perfect in this space
& serves the practical function of collecting the rainwater.   

Our back yard is fast becoming a wonderful mix of new & old!
Chipped & cracked crockery from our house
finds a new home in the garden.

With a little Anna treatment....
 a few coats of HaPpY blue paint
& a personalized logo,
this little new pot ladder from a discount supermarket
has been a great addition to our ongoing backyard project.
Allowing throughout the building work of new fences & sheds
for a small but pretty & colourful flower display
which could easily be moved around when needed.  

As the time spent out here for now is becoming less & less
I really cherish every minute I have in this
already very pretty little yard.
 I really feel so blessed to have an outside space
that I can call my own! 


  1. You have such a pretty garden space! It looks very charming and well loved. I don't think it would be safe to leave me in charge of a garden. Despite the best of intentions my fingers seem to kill all green things!

  2. Your backyeard looks really lovely Anna, the whisky barrel is rustic and beautiful.
    It is so nice to have a little space to relax and create,
    I hope you will have some sunny days there still!
    Love, Idaxxx

  3. The old barrel looks right at home in the garden. What a fabulous addition.
    It's such a good idea to move pieces which can no longer to be used for their original purpose out to the garden, they are just too pretty not to be used in some way.
    Lisa x