Saturday 8 February 2014

A little pick-me-up or two....

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately 
it started with the sniffles, the Paperdolls were so kind to share with me.  
My fault really as I have always taught them they must share, 
I only should have made it more clear that sharing was meant 
for toys and yummy treats, not sniffles & coughs.  
Then last weekend my sniffles turned into a full cold with all the added extras.   
And as this week started I was feeling a little dull, dreary and tired 
with no mojo in me.  
A little pick-me-up was desperately needed, something that would take my mind 
off the sniffly runny nose and that heavy drowsy head.  
Medicine in liquid or pill form may work well sometimes, 
however for me when I feel down and in the dumps being distracted 
by pretty little things is the best cure.

My first little pick-me-up this week was treating myself to a pot of white tulips.
A little bit of spring in my house.  
I so enjoyed watching them grow day by day.

I love the hint of pink in one of them.  Nature is so perfectly imperfect!!!

For my second pick-me-up I indulged in a bit of baking.
Just very simple cupcakes with 100 & 1000s.  

I just love these tiny beads,  they are sunshine in a bottle.

Then I took a little "me" time....
drinking a nice freshly brewed latte with lots & lots of fluffy milk, 

eating my SUPER scrumptious cupcake 
and flicking through some old spring interior magazines.  
Since discovering pinterest I have bought less and less magazines, 
but there is something really relaxing about flicking through a real paper magazine 
rather then sliding your hand over a screen to turn the page.

Ah.... the perfect pick-me-up and just what I needed, I feel much better already!
Come sunshine or rain I am ready for next week 
with a spring in my step and a bright sunny feeling!


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