Monday 10 March 2014

A few little changes....

 I have been working on this little space of mine and 
you may have noticed a few of the changes over the last week or so.  
I have always had a very clear vision of how I wanted my little space to look.  
I like simple, clean blogs, in soft colours with a little whimsy.  
My life is so full of chaos I need calm on here.  
A space not stuffed full of flashy buttons, garish colours,
where the eye doesn't know what to look at first.  
I like a space where the post is at the center of the blog.  
  I think I have stuck to that principal by enlarge over the past year.  
When I started this blog I had only just figured out how to do the very basics, 
in my very outdated Photoshop Elements software.  
I loooove iworks, I know exactly which button does what..... 
Why oh why does every software program have to be different.  
I spend hours watching tutorials only to discover they are not showing me what I’m after.  
Gosh.... this computer work so time consuming.  
Trying to understanding the benefits of different features on the blogger platform, 
linking social media together.... it’s all Chinese to me 
and it has taken me a while to get my head around it all, 
then deciding what is right for my little space here or what I would rather not have.  
I have come to the conclusion learning Chinese would have been much easier, 
more fun and faster for me!!  
 One thing I can say about my last year in the world of blogging I have learned to persevere.  
 I have LOVED my year in blogger land 
but I had no idea at the start how time consuming blogging can be,
especially if you are the author, photographer & graphic designer all rolled into one, 
with no training in any of the fore mentioned.

Changing my header every month over the past year was really a way 
for me to remember how to work the software and play around with different ideas.  
It’s been fun for me to look back over my headers!

Some I still love

....others I’m not so sure of anymore.
Playing around with the header has help me to make up my mind and
I have very much enjoyed the journey to the new look.
It's not an extreme makeover, just a few tweaks here and there.  
A little change of colour, new more permanent header and link-buttons.  
It’s not quite finished yet, still a couple of tweaks & link ups to do.
But I LOVE the new look so far and
it would be lovely to hear what you think about it.

1 comment:

  1. I am loving your blog design...(i found you via your comment on coco roses lovely blog)
    I am ever a fan of simple so I really adore the simple green header.
    And your sewing is divine what neatness is inside the bag you have just made...who doe not love a mix of tartan and pattern.
    bestest wishes to you and yours
    daisy j xx