Monday 17 November 2014

Me moments....

The last couple of weeks have been crazily busy around here,
 when I try to think what with…. 
 then all I can say…. 
nothing really exiting, just that mundane boring every day stuff 
that I believe we all have going on in our lives.  
 I did squeeze a few selfish “me” moments into the last couple of weeks....

Standing by the kitchen window having breakfast and
enjoying the first day light after a dark morning….
in peace & quiet

Munching sweet treats alone….
Teacakes my favourite at this time of year!

Getting organised for 2015….
who am I kidding?
This diary makes me giggle….
Domestic goddess ....ME? 
Most definitely NOT…. more like always trying and miserable failing!!
 I just couldn't resist this diary.
I LoVe it’s vintage UBER cuteness, 
it has a great layout
& super handy tips for any aspiring domestic Goddess.

Sewing of a Union Jack Bunting….

One of this projects that has been swirling in my head forever and a day.
Finally it's made!
Let the next Great British event come, 
this time I’m ready to hang my bunting!

I even managed to squeeze in crocheting a pot holder.
A very simple basket weave pattern, started and finished on one evening!
The kinda project I LoVe!

And the start of another little bunting….
I just need more me moments this week to get it finished!

Wishing you all a calm start to what will hopefully be a great week for you
filled with plenty of your favored me moments!


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  1. I love the bunting ,and, of course, the diary as well ☺