Wednesday 24 June 2015

Strawberry LoVe....

I’m starting to wonder if I may have spoken a little to soon
in my last post, referring to summer....
summer? What summer
....that has been the question here for the last couple of days.
Not just has the sky been grey and the rain hasn't stopped in days 
but the temperature has dropped to an really uncomfortable level.
All that said it hasn't stopped us enjoying the beginning of 
the summer fruits season. 
If you have been following me on here for a while 
then you know what is for us, 
especially baby Paperdoll 
the one & only ....the ultimate fruit at this time of year.       


We LoVe them
fresh all natural    as yummy jam  ♥  
with a dusting of icing sugar 
 in true Wimbledon style served with cream    
made into homemade extra thick & creamy ice-cream

  as a classic Strawberry pie
For most of my cooking and baking I’m not a set recipe kinda person.  
I’m more of a 
....these are the basic ingredients I need and then there are the little of
this & that ingredients to keep it interesting.  
This sweet shortcrust pastry was no exception, 
I used dark Muscovado sugar for this pastry. 
I have to admit that pastry baking isn't my favourite thing,
 you can imagine my delight when this one turned out much nice then I had hoped.

It had a lovely flaky crunch, 

the Muscovado sugar worked a treat with the layers upon layers 
of very sweet and super yummy strawberries from our market.
This pie got the thumbs up from the whole family.

On cold & grey days I need something warming and uplifting,
fluffy latte with a nice slice of fresh strawberry pie is just that thing.

And for the hopefully soon returning warmer days I have some 
extra thick & creamy homemade strawberry ice cream chilling in the freezer 
to keep us cool & refreshed.

Unfortunately my list of ....things to do ....places to go, 
hasn’t stopped growing,  
so I must run....
just time to wish you all a lovely week! 


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