Friday 27 January 2017

A little catch up....

How are you?
I hope you all had a lovely fun filled Christmas & a great start to 2017! 
Sorry I haven't been around much lately.
2016 was a year I had so much hope for but in the end
it turned into the strangest year I can remember!
So much has happened recently in this little world of ours,
and if I'm perfectly honest most of which I'd much rather
like to forget about quickly!  Unfortunately I think we won't be able to, as for
years to come the consequences of recent events will come back to haunt us!
Confronted with so much unfathomable ....crazy....stupidity....
hatred & right out lies, I seem to have lost my voice a little!
 I just felt the need to hibernate from the online & news world.
It is so soothing being a little childish occasionally putting my
fingers into my ears saying ....LALALALA.... I cant hear you!
I did start wondering though.... is my silence not a form of acceptance?
And accepting this unhinged crazy I will NEVER!!!
So I have come out of hibernation reminding myself
to focus on the positive, happy, creative & good
in social media and ignore the rest!!!
With that in mind here is a little catch up of some of my
happy, creative & every day pretties from the past few months....

I have been loosing myself
 in books, fluffy lattes, sweet treats & CrEaTiViTy!
These truffles were the tastiest escapism I have ever had.

Playing around with ideas is
a lovely way to block out a world gone barmy
and dull down that feeling of uncertainty
and I have been doing a fair bit of that!


Remember this?
My first explorations into crochet hexagons!
I finally finished it in November, making me now
the very proud owner of a beautiful hexagon blanket!!!

I LoVe this blanket so much it really deserves it's very own post watch this space!

Old frames....


 ....make wonderful chalkboards.

Me myself & I is a chalkboard addict
....what can I say!?!


Chalkboards are so much fun
can you really ever have too many of them!?!

....My Winter mantel.... 

A little tweed & tartan
found it's way into my Christmas creativeness.... 

cards & gift boxes had a very Scottish feel.

Continuing on that very Scottish theme,
I have treated myself to this most beautiful
Fair Isle cardigan in the prettiest shade of yellow!
I'm soOo not a yellow clothing girl but I couldn't resist this one.
It reminds me of sunshine on a frosty day.... can't help but LoVe it!

On my house front....
most exiting news, our bathroom renovation is in full swing!

 I have been playing around with ideas, planning & designing
for the past ten months....

....finally now it's all starting to come together,
I'll keep you posted!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!! 



  1. Hello Anna, I am so happy to see you here again, have been missing you...
    I hope you are doing well, sometimes it's good to remember the beautiful things in life.

    Have a nice sunday

  2. Lovely to see a post from you. I am in total agreement, there is no such thing as too many chalk boards and your frames are perfect. Your tartan stags look amazing, I bet the recipients were thrilled to receive their cards. Your cardigan is divine, enjoy wearing it.
    Good luck with the decorating, I'm sure it's going to look gorgeous once it's all completed.
    Lisa x

  3. You and I are two peas in a pod, I do believe. Everything around your house is always so gorgeous and your creative energy and talent inspire me. Also, I think I need that mug!