Monday 27 May 2013

Hello There....

 yes I am still here, but life remains for now on fast forward
with no pause button in sight.
I’ve be so busy with the every day mundanity’s of life,
a bit of domestic “delights”  also know as my personal favorite....ironing....
especially Mr. Mc’s uniform....
then throw in a large measure of hay fever and all that entails
....non stop sneezing - itchy eyes - runny nose....
feeling drained before the day has even started....
plus a room full of hormones and testosterone
better known as a teen birthday party 
and finally an emotional farewell to a lovely friend that moved away
 and you have my last couple of weeks in one!              
The little time I had left was spend on my new drug of choice Pinterest.  
Ohhhhhhh.... BOY isn't it addictive.   I’m hooked!!  
But somewhere in all of that I also managed to squeeze in 
a little treasure hunting, sewing & painting for the 
faster & faster approaching Vintage Tearoom. 

These are some of my most recent treasures. 
I love them all, in their own way, but the trolly must be my favorite piece.
It was in the back of a charity shop when I first saw it,
with the manager not in on that day, 
no-one wanted to sell it to me as they didn’t have an idea of price.  
A whole weekend I had to wait,
having decided on a maximum price I was willing to pay,
I was thrilled when I returned on Monday
and they only wanted half of what I was prepared to pay!  
I was one very happy bunny!! 
It’s missing the glass on the top and as I discovered
having glass cut to size is not cheap,
so in the mean time I will be taking the glass from the bottom.  
I also love the frames, I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with them 
but there kitschy look makes them perfect for the Vintage Tearoom.   
Last year I had been looking for kitschy flower artwork
to hang on the walls of the marquee and couldn't find anything
I liked or could afford and so instead,
was thinking about sewing quotes about tea in fabric,
but with so many other things to make & sew I just ran out of time. 

So this year, with the frames empty
and me still fond of the idea of making the quote in fabric I got started.
One of my favourite tea saying must be....
“Love & Scandal are the best sweeteners of tea”.  
I find it to be so very true.  
Nothing better then to get together with some girlfriends for a cup of tea or 
in my case coffee and a great big yummy slice of cake,
hearing of the “scandalous” goings-on in the neighbourhood.  
I am always amazed to hear, what is happening around me
and I am so oblivious to it all.  
Back to my sewing....
fitting the quote into the small space was not easy and 
sewing over such small and curvy letters created all its own problems.
But I was so happy with the end result, I just had to make another one.

Another wise saying about tea....
     I had to amended this quote a little
as it was impossible to fit it all in otherwise.  
I thing I have managed to retain the  essence of the quote though.
I LoVe the finished pieces....  
I really get so very exited, like a little kid on Christmas,
 jumping up and down when something 
I daydream about for weeks works out so beautifully!  
That doesn't happen very often because I always find fault with my creations, 
much to the annoyance of my family & friends. 
 “You are way to critical with your self” they tell me all the time.  

With most of the sewing complete for now, 
I turned to the problem of how to display the prices for the cakes.  
Last years price tickets were made on the computer and looked very pretty 
but with every little gust of wind, they were all over the place.  
So this time round I liked the idea of mini chalkboards but looking all over the web 
I fell in love with surprise, surprise, the most expensive ones a 
lot more than I could justify really as we need quite a few.  
So when I was out for that famous “Love and Scandal” tea 
with two very good friends of mine and 
saw these rather horrid looking but cheap mini trays,
 the idea was born to turn them into chalkboards.  
Love....Love....Love them but honestly by the time the chalk paint was bought
and the amount of paint coats they needed I am not sure if I saved that much! 
But well worth it

 Oh..........goodness is that the time already, I have been going on a bit and 
the domestic delights are waiting for me again, so I better sign off for tonight!!

 Have a great week and thank you so much for popping by 
it is always nice to have your company!  


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