Saturday 1 June 2013


 Good Morning to you all!!
The 1st of June already, crazy really, 6 months into 2013 
but to me it feels like only yesterday  we celebrated Christmas 2012.
  Even more crazy that one of my friends informs me 
she has already bought the first couple of this years Christmas presents, 
that puts a whole new meaning into prepared.  
I can barely plan till the end of the month at the moment,
never mind Christmas.  
Nevertheless I’m prepared for next weeks Vintage Tearoom
....mmmmm....well I really I am....
but there always seems to be last minute extras to make or revamp.  
Probably not helped by the fact
I’m still looking in charity shops and on Flea markets.  


On such a last minute search,
last weekend I found this rather tired looking mirror, 
perhaps the mirror had told an owner in the past 
 “You are the fairest here but but there is someone else
thousand times more beautiful than you” not the mirrors fault really
but no one likes to hear or more to the point 
see that in the mirrors reflection and 
so it was put up a loft neglected and forgotten about.
The dust & damp had not been very kind to it. 
The lady selling it wanted a crazy price and 
I was ready to walk away when I witnessed what can only be described as 
the most ruthless but VeEeEeRy charming hackling by teen Paperdoll Dad would have been so proud....
I think the lady didn't know what hit her nor did I really 
before I or the lady knew it teen Paperdoll had hackled her down 
so much so I only paid less then a third from what she originally wanted. 
....Absolute BARGAIN....
On Thursday afternoon the Paperdolls and I set up in the garden
to experiment with gold leaf.  
It’s not as easy as I thought, we all had a go but by the end of it 
there was more gold on us then the frame.  
Lucky for us we wanted a rather uneven look
so it would still have the feeling of old, 
with us being complete novices at gold leafing we got exactly that. 
So another piece of trash returned to it’s former glory, a real treasure now. 
....Mirror,Mirror,on the wall you are the fairest of them all....

I better run now,
I am off on a overnight 40 Birthday party, 
not mine I hastened to add.
With my packing only half done, I better get to it.  
Hope you enjoyed this little up date. 
Have a great weekend!!


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