Sunday 22 September 2013

A splash of colour....

Today was a other rather grey day here 
(definitely no sign so far of the Indian summer I had been hoping for) 
and desperately needing a splash of colour
I was looking through our summer holidays photos from this year and there it was that excitingly....lovely....colourful.... August day in my parents garden.
My parents live in leafy suburbia in Berlin not a place you naturally think of,
when thinking of wild peacocks. 
But Berlin is always good for a surprise and it didn’t disappoint this time either!
“Mum & Dad we have guests.... there are Peacocks in the garden” teen Paperdoll shouts and to be honest at first I didn't even get the full meaning of what she was saying, 
Peacocks in my parents garden impossible.

    But there they were a pair of young male Peacocks gracefully walk on the path through
    the flowerbeds and one even took a look inside the living room through the open patio door. 

Where they came from, where they live or if someone owns them, nobody really seems to know.
They just appeared earlier this summer, and they have become such a regular fixture in the neighborhood that the locals don't even get excited any more. 

 “Oh them they have dropped by regularly over the past few months”
 my dad said rather laissez-faire.
Their favored spot in the garden, my mum tells me later is the roof of the shed
understandable really after all it gives them the best views over the garden.

Mr Mc, myself and the Paperdolls are clearly not locals and we where excited 
or more to the point mesmerized by this stunning pair. 

And who can blame us when the unexpected guests are a pair of beautiful Peacocks.
Looking at this photos has filled my need for colour for today and 
I hope this has brought a splash of colour to your day to!
Have a lovely week!

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