Monday 30 September 2013

My "me" Coffee....

I normally have two coffees on a school-day morning, 
the first I only sip on, in between emptying the dishwasher trying to organize everyone 
having breakfast and leaving the house on time with all they need bags....gym kit....lunch boxes....keys etc....
But after giving my last goodbye kiss for the morning,
 I take a deep breath enjoy the calm that has returned to the house and have my second coffee.
  I call this one a “me” coffee.
“Me” because it is all about the things I really enjoy doing whilst drinking coffee on my own reading the latest posts on my favorite blogs, feeding my Pinterest addiction
and jotting down ideas for “must make” projects.
Most of my “must make” ideas are swirling in my head for quite a while before I put them on paper.  No different with this little one, I have been wanting to make a hot water bottle cover 
since last winter, but somehow couldn’t decide if I like to crochet or sew one
 ....Can’t decide....
means the idea stayed in my head buried under lots of other “must make” ideas 
that are all suffering a similar fate indecision by me.
It was only when I needed the hot water bottle last week that I thought about the cover again.  
Not sure if it was the wind outside and the blue sky with the fluffy clouds or 
baby Paperdoll’s request to go kite flying but somewhere in all that 
I had the light bulb moment.

So on my next “me” coffee I started sketching the idea down.  
 Funny thing is....when I know that a design is right then I know its right 
and it is easy for me to work from that. 
I hope this makes sense?

 At first I thought of using a grey linen fabric as the base but as I opened my fabric cupboard 
my sight fell onto this lovely cloud fabric I had bought in Denmark recently.
I had bought it just like so many of my other fabrics with no specific project in mind.  

And like so many of my projects it evolves and changes slightly as I work on it.  
Quilting a couple of the clouds has given the cover a very lovely snuggle feel.  
And I am so pleased with how the kite has worked out.  
I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE... kites!!! 
I could waffle on forever about my great childhood memories 
trying to fly kites on windy autumn days....

This kite reminds me of the ones I made as a child from paper with lots of ribbons!

Let the cold days come we'll be toasty & snug!!!
Have a beautiful autumn week!

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