Friday 11 October 2013

Baking Again....

Earlier this year I would have described myself as a daily baker who loooooves baking.
Nothing really fancy just little every day cakes....muffins....scones....cupcakes.....cookies etc.
Hardly a day went by where there wasn’t freshly baked goodies waiting 
in the kitchen for the family coming home.  
It’s been a couple of months though since I last baked anything.  
In all honesty I think I suffered a tiny bit of baking burnout after 
the last Vintage Tearoom at the end of July. 
But watching the current Great British Bake Off has reminded me 
of just how much I miss baking after all.  
So baby Paperdolls birthday last week gave me the perfect excuse 
....not that I really needed one.... 
to get started again.

Traditional style birthday cakes, the sponge ones with butter-icing and jam in the middle 
aren't really baby Paperdolls thing and she intensely dislikes royal icing
....well she isn't fond of any icing really.
Her favorite cake has to be strawberry cake and a close second are brownies.
With strawberries out of season, brownies it had to be.

Brownies made from yummy dark chocolate with a gooey chewy center 
and large chunks of white & milk chocolate through it....
dusted with a little icing sugar ....strangely baby Paperdoll likes it on brownies....
and sprinkled with 100 & 1000s plus smarties. 

Super Scrumptious was the verdict by baby Paperdoll and the rest of the family.
And for me it was a perfectly fun way to start my baking adventures again 
and I enjoyed it that much, I was baking yesterday again maybe not daily baking for me just yet but weekly!

Have a lovely weekend!

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