Saturday 3 May 2014

Happy at the Ranch....

Last August you may recall me giving you a sneak preview of the revamping 
of some old tired looking cushion covers for the garden furniture.  
The project got rather rudely interrupted when I was bitten by a tick 
and needed to spend a few days in hospital.  
I had hoped to finish the project once I got out, 
but one thing led to another and before I knew it the summer was over 
and with it the need for the garden cushions.  
When the beautiful weather started I was sharply reminded that the project was still unfinished. 
So finally in the first few days of the easter holidays I got round to finishing it all off. 


 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this 50’s style cowboy fabric.
At first I was only going to make the same plain covers again,
using the same fabric quick & easy.... so I thought.
But looking in my fabric stash I realised I had none of the white cowboy 
and only a little of the blue fabric left, not enough to remake all the cushions.  
The fabric has been discontinued for a while making it very hard to get any, 
and if you do find it online it can be rather costly.
  I didn't really want to spent any money on this project. 
A rethink of my plan was needed.
 Waste not want not!
Something my granny had often told me. 
So in memory of my granny and true make do & mend style 
I unpicked the old cushion covers 
as well as a skirt I made for baby paperdoll out of this fabric 
that she had long grown out of. 
Keeping the best pieces.

All the other fabrics I used came from my stash.
The pieces of white cowboy fabric varied in size, 
 patchwork was really the only option.  
For the patchwork designs I worked round the different sized pieces of cowboy fabric.
Make the most of each piece, trying to minimize wasting any. 

I quilted the covers to give them a more sumptuous finish.  
 I used different sizes paper template horseshoe and quilted around.  
On each cushion the layout of horseshoe is different. 

I love the mix of the blue & white cowboys, stripe, gingham, cowhide, 
little horseshoe fabric added with old denims.  
But for me it’s the paisley fabric with the roses that bring this patchwork to life.   

I wanted the cushions to look just as pretty from the back 
 I added a feature fabric strip at the opening on the back.

I have kept two old covers that are in good condition.
Having the denim and classic gingham in the mix, 
makes it much easily to make new pieces for this set at a later stage 
without them looking out of place.

I love being in the garden, playing board games, 
eating alfresco having the candles lit in the evening. 
Sitting long into the night chatting to friends or simply gazing at the stars.  
For those lovely but sometimes a little chilly nights, I made a little quilted lap blanket.

 Perfect to be cozy under. 
I quilted this quilt with a mix of the horseshoe design with a paisley pattern through it.

Mondays was my Granny’s washday, come sunshine or rain she would wash on that day.  
I remember her washday's very vividly she had a fully automatic all singing, 
all dancing wash machine, why she pre soaked and rinsed everything by hand, I never know. 
 It always fascinated me how much work the washday was in her house.  
I once pointed out to her that the wash machine had a pre soak program
and that rinsing was part of the main wash program.  
She only replied that no wash machine could ever wash as thorough as she could.  
I think it had more to do with her general mistrust of modern technology.      
Laundry is one of my pet hates and so I would not dream of making it more difficult for me 
then absolute necessary.

Peg bags are a great help if they are big enough to take plenty of pegs.  
I made this one from the legs of a pair of Mr Mac old denims.  
Making it nice and long for plenty of pegs.

I attached the pocket for a little fun!
As a little homage to my Granny and her fascinating wash day's I added the 
Howdy It’s Washday.

The revamping of a few cushion covers has turned into a full make over 
for the garden accessories.

Bunting for the parasol 
and a small patchwork tablecloth for the side table to finish it all of.

At the end of the day everything gets neatly put into this beautiful big basket....

I love how beautiful it all looks even when its all packed together.
I have caught myself just starring at the basket,  
smiling with a feeling of contentment.  
The basket was a unbelievable flea market bargain at only 8 euros 
and makes the perfect place to keep everything in.

Hip Hurray!!!  
Another project I have finished....
Lets just hope the weather stays as nice as it has been for the past few weeks, 
so that the paperdolls, Mr Mc and I can get plenty of use out of it.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday!


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