Sunday 19 October 2014

My favourite season....

Autumn is in full swing in Berlin, 
everywhere I look there are pretty little reminders 
of this beautiful time of year. 

the last Roses in our garden!
 I’m always besotted by natures diversity of colours. 

I’m in LoVe with this Autumn♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
A feeling of change is in the air. 
has it’s very own beauty....
    even on a grey day  ☂ 

I have noticed changes in me
that comes with the beginning of Autumn....

Perfumes, colours, textures, Music, Films, TV and even Food.
My tastes in most things change.... 
I move from fresh soft airy open to warm cosy cuddly comforting.

Loving dark greens, browns in rich shades and strong blues 
mixed with a splash of red.
It’s not like I don't like my Spring / Summer colours any more 
but I’m drawn to the cosy.

On a recent shopping trip for fabric
I noticed that even when choosing cotton fabrics, I was drawn to dark blues
with browns & prints that are so not me normally.
 I’m in LoVe with woollen tweeds & tartans 
mixed up with a bit of denim or corduroy at this time of year. 

Autumn also brings a taste changer in food, 
I love light uncomplicated food,
BBQ is a firm favourite of mine all throughout summer. 
But by this time of year I’m all Barbecued out
and I crave old school comfort food
savoury & sweet pies, roast dinner, even soups
....I’m most definitely not a soup kinda person the rest of the year.

this roasted vegetable soup made all from locally grown veggies, 

served with homemade soda bread and salty butter. 
I always make way more than can ever be eaten on one night 
as this soup taste just as great for lunch the next day. 

The only thing that doesn’t seem to ever change is my loving of whimsy 
lovelies ....pretty  ....kitsch, 
call it what you like,  I’m a sucker for it all year round.
Anyone that knows me knows
I just LoVe LoVe LoVe pretty packaging....

When I saw this salt shaker in a French Department-store
 here in Berlin, I just had to buy it.  
My friends would say now ....that is soooo you Anna.
It makes me smile everyday.

Autumn my favourite season.... thinking about it, I have come to realise 
I’m definitely a seasons kinda person. 
I wouldn't like to live somewhere were the change in seasons are so subtle 
that I hardly would notice them. 
I LoVe the changes that comes with each season. 
I can’t tell you which is my favourite, 
if you ask me today the answer is Autumn 
but if you ask me on a beautiful cold crisp winters day or a lovely warm sunny spring day, 
I change my mind. 

Have a lovely Sunday.


P.s Have you got a favourite season?


  1. Hi - Autumn has got to be mine, too. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful colours, tastes and everything else! Have a great week xx

  2. Hi Anna! I too am an autumn girl my birthday is in october so I think that counts too....gorgeous images!
    bestest daisy j xx

  3. Goodness, what a gorgeous post! Such rich and inviting colours, it all looks so autumnal and that rose, it's so splendid! I really love autumn and spring, those are my two favorite seasons.

  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.
    My favorite season is Spring. I like Autumn fine, but it reminds me
    we will soon be in Winter.

  5. I love your autumn pictures - they made me feel so cosy! It's my favourite season of the year by far x

  6. That is sooo you Anna☺ miss you!