Friday 3 October 2014

Our adventure is called....

Hello everyone is so lovely to be back, 
I have been away from here for much longer than I had anticipated or planned.
A move like the one we have just done is not just stressful, it is at times a little overwhelming 
and I have been on a emotional roller-coaster with 
extreme lows.... a few highs.... twists & turns and plenty of my tears over the past two months.    
 Amazingly both the Paperdolls & Mr Mc have coped much better with all the changes.  
Me.... I just haven’t been feeling myself.

Our adventure is called BERLIN.... 
for the moment.
We are doing the “multi generational living” for a few months.  
Sharing a house with my parents whilst they are waiting for there new home to be finished.  
It’s going surprisingly smooth keeping in mind they have had their house all to themselves 
for the last fourteen years.  
Peace & quiet.... now there is a teen and a wannabe teen rattling through the rooms, 
that is a big change, especially when your last time living with teens 
and the tantrums that come with them is twenty years ago. 
 My Dad escapes to the Golf Course most days. 
To put it in my Dads words “any wise man is always at the Golf Course at times like these”. 
We are all now living in a semi state of packed & unpacked 
my parents are semi packed, we are semi unpacked. 
And like a family from a time long gone by, we enjoyed our meals together, 
played boardgames and even watched the same TV programs together. 
It has been a great experience & exercise for us all in being understanding, 
tolerant and respectful of the others need.  I’m kinda enjoying it.
So you may wonder why I said for the “moment”, simply because I don't know 
if I ever feel settled enough in this City to want to stay for good.  
Berlin is fast pace, people are always rushing and it’s a very anonymous place.  
Coming from where I have just came from, it's an extreme contrast, one I need time to adapt too.  
I guess in many ways I have turned into a real country bumpkin or maybe it is my age not sure, 
but I like a slower pace of living, knowing my neighbors, having my friends near by 
and being part of a community.  
Hopefully with the Paperdolls starting to settle into Schools and most of the 
mind-boggling German bureaucracy out of the way, 
we can now start to enjoy this City and appreciate it for what it is & has to offer.
 We have only been here a short time and 
I have to give Berlin a chance, as Mr Mc reminds me most days!!!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend from a autumn coloured BERLIN! 


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