Saturday 31 October 2015

Goodbye October....

I will miss you,
 you have been a beautiful month....

even when you have been much colder then in years gone by.

I have loved your sun sparkling through my windows....

just as much as your wet & grey days....

You have been a month filled with sipping hot drinks, 
munching sweet treats & gazing at flickering candles.

Your cloudy skies inspired a little upcycle 
of an old tweed jacked....

tired & unloved 

sparkling & very much cherished 

(sorry for the lack of detailed pictures 
the day I took the photo was one of those grey days)

October you are the month
 I rediscovered my LoVe of crochet....


an infinity scarf in Peacock blues
for baby Paperdoll....

I loved making it and she loves wearing it!

The next crocheting project is already in the pipeline.

October your beautiful colours and this fabulous self drawing 
memory game unleashed our inner artist ....

 what was I saying in my last post....
 we are definitely impressionists 


.....not that you could guess that from looking at our finished pieces!
They scream expressionism.   

OCTOBER  2015 
you are also the month in which we (Mr Mc & I) became grown-ups 
and bought our first house! 

More on this in one of my next posts
as it is getting rather late here
to fill you in on all the behind-the-scenes stuff just now.


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  1. Such a lovely and stunning blog post!! I love the Autumn colours, it makes all the difference when the sun is shinning and the photos are so clear and beautiful. You blog is always amazing, keep doing what your doing cause it makes people smile like me. I wish I could make a scarf like that. Thank you once again for making an amazing blog post once again.