Tuesday 13 October 2015

My past few weeks....

Oooooh September where have you gone.... 
one minute you were here the next you have disappeared?

September has flown by, we have been busy trying to settle back 
into a school routine and enjoying some of the many
attractions Berlin has to offer....

The ImEx exhibition showing works by Monet, Degar,
Renoir and Lieberman 
just to name a few has been somewhere 
I had wanted to take the Paperdolls for a while 
but the queuing to get in
had been putting me off over the past few months.

With the door about to close for good
it was one of this now or never moments, 
so on the last Thursday of the exhibition
baby Paperdoll and I
 hotfooted halfway across town after school.

Lucky we had just timed it right the queue was manageable. 
Beautiful weather the exhibition program
as well as a book about her favourite painter Claude Monet 
kept us busy during our 40 min wait.


 It was soooooo well worth it. 

We weren't disappointed, it was wonderful 
to see baby Paperdoll get so excited over art.
As we walked around looking at the art
comparing their differing styles
a few ladies turned to me saying how much they are enjoying
watching baby paperdolls enthusiasm for this exhibition.
Later a girl in her late teens gave me the thumbs up
saying she is so cool.
It's so lovely when a stranger gives you a compliment
about your children.

It was great to see the two art styles hanging side by side
and listening to baby Paperdolls interpretation of the pantings.
 “Look mum this one looks like a beautiful Opal” she said,
looking at a painting of Venice by Monet. 
It is a wonderful experience to see art through a child’s eye….
We both decided that we where definitely more of
impressionists then expressionists. 
Baby Paperdoll also reconfirmed Claude Monet still is her favourite painter. 
After about four hours we called it a day though.
By the time we where leaving the museum the queue had tripled
and I thanked my lucky stars that we had came when we did.

The 42 Berlin Marathon was held in Berlin at the end of September
and we went to cheer on the runners.

We had a great day with a super atmosphere along the route.

September was the perfect start to what has so far been a beautiful Autumn....

Crisp mornings followed by a soft warming sun
all rounded off with a nippy chill in the evenings,
makes for perfect Autumn days in my book.
I always find these kind of days are a great reminder summer has left 
and it is time to get wrapped up warm as winter is fast approaching. 
I'm not complaining about the chill as we had a SUPER summer here 
this year and I'm ready for the chill.
I kinda like it after a hot Summer as it has the feeling of change about it,
something of a fresh new beginning....

Goodbye to Summer & hello to Autumn
in my living room....

time for home made soups again....

baking sweet classics....

enjoying playing around with a few new recipe ideas
 a classic with a new twist....

Apple crumble with Amaretto and caramelised almonds.
I made one crumble for home & one for work
after all the best thing about baking is sharing.

The feedback I got

Making this & that

 A pencil-roll on special request from baby Paperdoll.
I like quick & easy projects that can be finished in a day,
bringing instant happiness to the recipient.

A pretty Autumn welcome for the front door. 

My last couple of weeks in one post
I have edit out my mountains of washing
 the endless filling & emptying of the dishwasher
and all other domestic delights
 after all who comes over here to read about that
as I'm sure you all have plenty of that in your own life.

I'm only to aware my blogging has been a little sporadic of late....

I LoVe this little corner of mine and
I LoVe sharing snippets of my life on here with you all.

 Life sometimes just has a way of taking over
leaving me not enough time for everything I
LoVe & EnJoY.


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