Wednesday 11 November 2015


It's so grey here today.
Winds with drizzle rain today....
 just like yesterday & the day before that & the day before that.
Dreary days season has began.

Domestic delights otherwise known as housework 
were on my TO DO list for yesterday
but I just wasn't feeling it... 

I was feeling....
 candle light, fruit tea, yummy sweet tangerines 
  and creative time with wool.
A little bit of ME time in the morning just
while the house was blissfully quite.

I have started yet another scarf.
Inspired by the English Garden scarf
from a book by Kazuko Ryolai called in it's German version 
Vintage Häkeln but I believe it's originally a Japanese crochet book. 

For my colour choice....
I have fallen head over heals for a Tilda fabric 
I used to up-cycle my tweed jacket a few weeks back.
I'm not normally a Tilda person but this fabric does it for me.
I love everything about it ESPECIALLY the colours!!!
When I came across this wool
by Debbie Bliss which perfectly matches the fabrics colours,
I know it was the only way to go.  

when I sat down, I had every intention 
after my pot of tea was finished
 to get up and get on with my day of domestic delights.
 (I think I call it that to make it sound more appealing to me. 
Not that it really works)

This is the thing with intentions though....
there only that

By early afternoon I was all tea-ed out 
but still not feeling it.... 
 half the day over, baby paperdoll home from school 
and the sky still covered by a thick grey blanket
 the housework just had to wait for another day. 
I was feeling...

 board games & hot chocolate 
I love playing board games, 
even though most of the times I'm the looser
much to the delight of baby Paperdoll,
we still have to practice a little a humble winner and a dignified looser bit. 

I had a nice day doing just what I felt like 
a real luxury for me.

I'm still not feeling it on the domestic front

I'm feeling....
Christmas decorations 
unfortunately they will have to wait though for a few days as
I do really really really have to focus on my housework. 


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