Thursday 28 January 2016

New Adventures....


I hope you all have arrived
safe & well in 2016!

My year started well & truly
with my feet hitting the ground running
at full speed.
 There has been so much happening 
over the past couple of weeks....
 If I'm perfectly honest
it still feels a little blurry to me!

After a inter-country move with all that entails
I am more then a LITTLE exhausted.
 It has been a very
draining.... crazy.... tad stressful
yet at the same time exciting past few weeks for me.
I should be a pro at moving by now ....not so! 


 Having arrived a little over a week ago
at my new home on the outskirts 
of Inverness in the land of Tartan & Tweed
I now need to recharge my batteries.... 
I need calm....


Looking back at my Christmas Amaryllis photos I realized
 I also need patience....

Sometimes the best things just need time!

 Like a flower growing little by little every day,
 with patience & time the rewards can be magical.
It is very exited moving back to the UK 
after twelve years abroad but also 
a tad daunting at the same time, 
especially trying to find my feet in a new town.
The good news is I have already managed 
to find myself a part time job,
 something that should help me settle in much faster.

It really has been 'ALL GO' over the past few weeks
and I fear it will remain like it
for sometime to come!
Our new house needs a lot of tender
to make it into our home!
My new adventure has now began
 with less sewing over the next few months more DIY.
I'll keep you posted.



  1. Good luck on your new adventure! How exciting to have so many fresh starts!

  2. I hope you are continuing to settle into your new home and job too. Very exciting times ahead for you all and being the nosy person I am I look forward to 'visiting' you new home too!
    Lisa x