Monday 29 February 2016

Patience is a virtue....

I have so not felt chatty this month!
February has just been a funny old one for me, 
a month I be happy to see the back of....
All the "dramas" in & around the house 
at the beginning of the month really dampened my mood,
not helped by all the grey wet weather we have been
having here for most of the month!
There have been however a few silver linings in my grey skies.
The big one has been me starting my new work!
  I have been made to feel very welcome
making it a lovely start back into my UK work life.  
 It has also felt a little like a homecoming for me
as I have worked for the same company before
in England for many years, 
only leaving because Mr Mc's work took us to Germany.
It's lovely to be back!

On the house front I have to say progress is 
very VeRy very SLOW....
living in a semi organized chaos (if there is such a thing).
I do have to keep reminding myself daily
....patience is a virtue!

In the meantime distraction from my chaotic surroundings
comes from pretty & yummy treats. 

We also have been exploring our new neighborhood....
enjoying a visit to the Inverness Museum a couple of weeks ago,
to get a close look at the traveling exhibition of  

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

12,000 years of history told on 160 tapestry panels
stitched by 1,000 volunteers in over 50,000 sewing hours.

A wonderful community project
and an amazingly beautiful way to tell the story of Scotland.

Each tapestry panel had so much interesting detail,
I couldn't decide which one was my favorite.
If you ever get the chance to see these wonderful works TAKE IT,
you will not be disappointed!

Given the chance I would go again! 

I have also found myself this month....


Funny really when I think of it....
I sOoOo struggled at first
to find my feet in this fast pace city. 
It took quite a while really for me to feel at home.
It was the beautiful Berlin spring and my lovely colleagues 
who really helped me to fall in love with the city.
I miss them both! 
No matter how many times I move
I found it's never easy for me to say goodbye and
start elsewhere new!

It simply takes time!


1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful work of art that tapestry is and lovely that it has been made by so many different people.
    It must be incredibly hard moving just a long way from friends, I hope that the wonderful world of technology can go some way towards you maintaining those friendships.
    I love the snapshots of your home, when the car boot season starts again I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for a pretty frame to cut into an 'L'!
    Lisa x