Thursday 16 June 2016

A weekend celebration....

Last weekend my house had a distinctly British feel about it!
All in honor of her Majesty's big Birthday weekend!
I wouldn't describe us as Royalists per say,
after all Mr Mc is a very proud Scotsman & I'm Irish.
The Queen however has over the years shown so much
discipline.... grace & humility....
working tirelessly for this country, she is well worthy 
of having a little fuss made over her on her 90th Birthday!

I decorated our dining area with Union Jack bunting &
a couple of flags I made a few years ago for
baby paperdoll when Prince Philip visited Mr Mc's former Regiment.

We started the weekend with a very
Red, White & Blue 

I so love setting a pretty table
just as much as I enjoy sitting at one.


A sweet continental style brunch was our choice.

Homemade scones & French crepes topped with 
very British clotted cream, French strawberry jam,
syrup,  lemon curd & plenty of Summer fruit!
Briton & France on one plate it tastes....



Baby paperdoll loves turning her food into a edible pieces of art!

On Sunday we finished our very Royal weekend
with a little picnic style lunch
whilst watching the festivity's in London on TV.  
It was a lovely celebration befitting of a Queen
enjoyed by us all! 

Unfortunately it wasn't all happiness this weekend
with the very sad news from Orlando
of yet another mass shooting.
I just wish politicians in responding would take a page out
of the Queen's book when it comes to dignity & diplomacy
less hate more building bridges, not always easy I know
but the World would be a better place for it! 
The Queen showed us all how it's done
a few years back on her visit to Ireland.

wishing you all


  1. What a beautiful spread and I ADORE those flags! She is a pretty amazing lady for sure and your celebration looks just perfect.

  2. What a wonderful day of edible treats you planned for the birthday celebrations. It all looks so pretty. The little touches on the table and the red, white and blue theme is a feast for the eyes. I am in love with your homemade flags.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Anna, what a nice table you made for the celebration, such beautiful colours... I can see you love Greengate too...
    I admire the Queen too, she has been doing a fantastic work I think. Hope you are having wonderful days!