Tuesday 13 September 2016

A Basket Case....

This past week and a half has whizzed by,
my head is spinning and I'm feeling a little drained.
Work.... work.... more work!
Do you ever get that feeling ....you run around all day
trying to be everything to everyone but by the evening
you just slump into a chair feeling like an epic failure at it all? 
That is me at the moment!
For days I have been meaning to share 
with you these photos, from a little pretty project,
 I finished at the beginning of September, only to get sidetracked 
every time with more "important" stuff.
Tonight I'm finally trying to taking back SOME control
over my time again, starting with this post.... 

I LoVe baskets
Big baskets.... small baskets.... tall baskets.... short baskets...  
round, oval, square baskets....
I like them all!
 Pretty & practical at the same time,
there is always room & use for another basket in my house.
And when this vintage one caught my eye recently in the 
window of a charity shop, at just £1.99 a steal for it's
perfect condition, it just had to come home with me. 

 Natural wicker is very beautiful but I have to confess

I LoVe a bit of colour on my wicker.
A few years back I started playing around with paint
on old wicker baskets & I have continue ever since.

The combination of light blue, white and
natural wicker is a firm favorite of mine!
 It works for me every time.
Surely I'm not the only one that loves this colour combination?

This case has so many beautiful little details,
I tried to highlight each & every one.
Little things make me so happy.

If you have been following me on here for a while
you know we are a family of old fashioned boardgame lovers.
Yahtzee, Draughts, Memory, Monopoly the list goes on & on,
but without a games box they have been scattered
all around the house and I much rather them all in one place.
Enter this basket....

It has become the perfect new home for some
of our games collection.
A vintage case for oldie games.
I told you there was always room & use
for one more basket in my house

I'm so pleasantly surprised by how many
of our games I have managed to fit nice & neatly into it.

I liked this case when I first saw it.... now I LoVe it!
A little paint mixed with some imaginary vision has created
a practically perfect case, filled to the brim with hours of vintage fun.

Looking at this beautiful case lying under my sideboard I'm reminded that
whilst sometimes how my time is spend is beyond my control
....that is life as a mum, wife & employee....
it is important for me & my happiness
to retake control whenever & wherever I can!


feeling much better already!


  1. I love what you've done with the basket, the colour combination is spot on. I share your love of wicker, my husband calls our home The House of Wicker because I have bought so much of it over the years. I think having something which you love and is so useful makes you happy to look at it and own it.
    Lisa x

  2. I love baskets too and you did a great job on that one. I'm thinking that requires a lot of patience and detail? Love that you are using it to store games. We have a major game storage issue around here!

  3. Hello Anna, your basket is beautiful, and I simply love the pastel blue colour... Hope you have regained some of your energy, one simply have to relax and have some time on one's own to survive, I think!
    And it is quality time to play some of these games together with the family.

  4. Nice and so beautiful ind blue and white.
    I love it

    Nice day