Monday 10 April 2017

Spring Feeling....

The first few days of my Easter holidays have been so lovely,
just pottering about the house & garden at my own pace.

This time of year is wonderful, Spring has a magical beauty
just like Autumn.  I LoVe this Spring feeling!
There is something about these two seasons even on a mostly
grey day like today, I can't help but feel a cheery happiness.
Especially when drinking a fluffy latte from this little cutie.
 I'm such a sucker for cute whimsy and when I spotted this cup on an
Instagram post by Vanessa from Coco Rose Diaries I fell in LoVe!
Vanessa kindly let us cup-lovers know where she bought it,
only problem, Mr Mc thinks I already have way too many cups,
so I thought better of it then to buy one
 ....but seriously, I ask you is there such a thing as too many?
Luckily for me I have a sweet teen Paperdoll who is earning her own
money and when she came home with a little gift for her mummy

 I absolutely love decorating my house for Easter....

cute little bunnies, plenty yummy chocolate eggs

and fresh flowers.


My living room is filled with the most wonderful fresh scent of Spring.
No Reed Diffuser could ever come close to it.

I'm so in awe of this little posy, all it's flowers grew in my garden.
Hard to think this garden didn't even exist, nothing but
boggy grass not a single blossom in sight at this time
last year and now I have pretty spring borders. I can't help
but feel more than a little giddy with happiness every time I look
at this daffodil. The garden blessed me with seven of these beauties.

A few bulbs popped into the ground by me in late Autumn last year,
have turned to heart jumping happiness every time I walk through our gate.
I'm so no gardener, yet the garden has rewarded me generously so far!

  I also finally got round to giving the chalkboard it's Easter makeover.
 I feel a bit hippity hop myself creatively speaking at the moment,
I'm full of ideas for the house, garden and with fabric & wool,
my creative me is pushing & pulling me to get going.

Until next time....



  1. Hello Anna, so lovely to hear from you again! I hope you are doing well, time to relax with the holiday. Spring is my favourite time of the year, so many things to look forward to.
    I love your photos from the seaside, to be near the sea is the best place to be.

    Love, Ida

  2. Ohhhhh i love easter and so beautiful decor you have made.
    Love your photos.

    Happy easter

  3. I love all your Easter decorating. The cards on display are so sweet.
    How cute is that tiny bunny by the mirrored letter E.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.
    Lisa x

  4. I am always so happy to see little snippets of your home and life. Can you believe I actually think I have that same bunny mug? I will have to go see later if it is in fact the same. It was a gift to my daughter for her birthday last year and now I realize I should have been drinking out of it the whole time!