Tuesday 12 March 2013

Grey sky blessing....

I was just getting into the spring spirit,
decorating the house for Easter
thinking about taking my bike for it’s first spin of the year.
GREAT spring is finally here!!!! 
Ohhhh.... how wrong was I. 
SHOCK HORROR, winter has come back with a vengeance.  
Don’t get me wrong 
I really like a cold crisp winters day & snow 
but ONLY in winter and winter ends for me at the end of February, 
after all four months are long enough.  
With temperatures well below freezing, 
the sun in hiding and nothing we can do about it.
The best thing for me is to snuggle up with my Paperdolls, 
under a throw putting on an old movie enjoying a hot drink and 
catch up with a crochet project that has been a little neglected.

Last year I made my first patchwork quilt 
with my favourite retro children’s fabrics, 
as I was making it I thought it would be big enough 
for all of us to snuggle under, 
but it turns out not to be the case.  
So in order to stop the constant pulling 
and tagging from the Paperdolls and Mr Mc 
for the biggest piece, I started to crochet a throw in January.  
At first I was planning to go with a more traditional 
Granny Square design, but then I came across 
a lovely 3D Rose effect, Babushka Rose from http://www.sewingdaisies.com.au/.   
Choosing colours that complement the quilt, 
every night little by little I was working my way 
through the squares.  
But over the last couple of weeks 
I was sooooo busy getting my head round this blog thing,
that I really couldn’t focus much on anything creative.

The squares have been lying in my disused cake tin a little abandoned.

Opening the tin today was so nice,
as on a grey day it was a real lovely burst of colour.
With Rock Hudson & Gina Lollobrigida in
 Come September turning up the temperature on screen
the Paperdolls giggles & laughter echoing through the room,
even the grey-est day can be filled with sunshine.  
So maybe the grey sky was after all a blessing in disguise. 
It was lovely to see you here again!!  

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