Monday 4 March 2013

Welcome back....

I’m still practicing and nowhere near perfect with my blog,
but with the sun making a rare appearance on Sunday
I decided it was time to come out of hibernation.
Mr Mc and I thought a trip to a nearby Flea Market would be fun,
to the “delight” of our Paperdolls. 
The Paperdolls objections brought back so many memories of my childhood,
spending many a weekends on Flea Markets watching my parents
looking for the next treasure, or more to the point, trash they could turn into treasure.
This was long before it was hip or even trendy to do so
and little did my parents know at the time how popular it would become.
Well my Mum and Dad were way ahead, but to be very honest
my parents never cared much for trends anyway,
preferring to make there own eclectic style.
As a teenager that seemed so uncool to me, but now I appreciate it all the more.
My Mum had the eye for the treasure and my Dad definitely the haggling skills,
together making a great team!
They may not always have agreed, on what was treasure and what trash,
a little like Mr Mc and me, but how does the saying go
“ones trash is another’s treasure” or something like that,
but sooooooo true!
Looking back at those weekends they were lots of fun and
I learned a great deal from them.
On Sunday however I was not just on a aimless search for any old treasure,
I was after a very specific kind of treasure.
Vintage china & tablecloths to be precise.
Last summer I had the idea to open a Vintage Tearoom at our local annual Highland Games.
For one day only, just for fun, all the proceeds going to a charity project.
It was very popular and fabulous fun!!
  This story will have to wait for my next update as its getting rather late!
Just enough time to mention that this weekends treasure was a chandelier
and a beautiful hand embroidered tablecloth.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you here again very soon!

P.s. I’m happy for you to pin my photos onto Pinterest and elsewhere but
please give credit where credit is due it will be much appreciated!!!

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