Friday 5 April 2013

A Tea Cosy...

Hello again!
I hope you all have had a nice Easter,
mine started off a little different than I had intended.
I had planned to get organized with my new ideas for the Vintage Tearoom.
You may remember I mentioned the Vintage Tearoom before.
A little crazy idea, I had last year.
Opening a one day only Vintage Tearoom at our Highland Games.
For weeks with little, I mean very little budget, I was sewing bunting & aprons....
stripping old furniture to repaint.... collecting vintage china & tablecloths....
asking friends to make cake donations and getting volunteers for the day.
“Fabulous idea, I will be there” exclaimed my friend Sharon.
And as promised the night before she arrived after a 2 hour car journey
with the most divine cupcakes & cakes in-tow.

We set up very early 
12.00am we were open and all smiles
Tables were set beautifully
The cake buffet looked fabulous
Benny Goodmen playing in the background
Lots of people go past.... even taking a look
?? No one sits down??
!? OH MY GOD...... did I really get it so wrong?!
Minutes feel like hours !!!
Then the first customer, a gentleman comes in and sits down
“This looks wonderful.... amazing.... what a great idea” he says
and from that moment on we never stopped
to take a breath until the end of the day!
All in all a great success,
so much so I was asked to reopen for the same event this year.
Luckily for me I still have most of the props.
I gave some of last years bunting and aprons
as thank you’s to my wonderful volunteers so I need to remake a few bits & pieces
 but I also have lots of new ideas to make the Tearoom even prettier.
  On Good Friday I get hit by the good old lurgy full force!!!
I was send to quarantine (bed) by Mr Mc with the words “I don't want your lurgies”.
Honestly I don’t want him to have them, as he is not good with flu at all.
Nor am I really
I just hate been been struck down and bedridden
....what a waste of my time!!!
Sometimes tough there is no other way then to stay in bed for a few days.
There I was all cuddled up with one of my favourite scarf's.
I love scarf's... long cuddly ones....
you rarely see me without one during Autumn.... Winter.... Spring.  
This one I made a couple of winters ago.

this scarf the colours are so cheery and it's very warm!!!

I had been thinking about sewing a tea cosy as décor for the Tearoom
for a little while.
Looking at my scarf & it's lovely colours it hit me....
why sew a cosy if you can crochet one?
I have lot of odds & ends left from this scarf, why not use them,
as the cosy is only for décor
it really does not matter how suitable the yarn is as long as it looks pretty.

I started not having made one before,
without a pattern and not quite sure what I wanted it to look like....

I ended up with this, a beautiful rose!!!
I LoVe my pretty little creation....
and the quarantine time was at least no waste!

Lovely of you to stop by again see you here very soon!!

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