Friday 5 July 2013

Keeping a promise & going to strawberry heaven.....

 Finally today I could keep a promise I made to baby Paperdoll a while back. 
Most days we pass a self pick field for strawberries and baby Paperdoll has been asking me 
to pick strawberries there every time we pass starting way back in March.  
To be honest I think she must have lost faith in me & my promise 
as I kept telling her they aren’t ready jet.  
So much so she even checked out the official start of the strawberry season
on the net telling me it starts in May so why aren't they ready, 
trying to explain that the weather was to blame, was pointless.  
With the Paperdolls having a long weekend from school, finally today was the day. 

 Baby Paperdoll was up at 5am....yes you are reading correctly 5am.... in anticipation,
I should have known better than to tell her yesterday if I really wanted a long lie.
Luckily the weather played ball, as another cancellation because of it,
would not have been excepted by baby Paperdoll. 
 Off we went with friends and baskets in tow.  

Strawberries....strawberries.... as far as the eye could see.  
....................A REAL STRAWBERRY HEAVEN....................
 Soon a competition started as to who is picking the biggest ones.
Not sure if not more strawberries landed in our tummies rather than the baskets
but that is after all part of the fun! 
 “Most” of the picked strawberries made it safely home.  The entire house smells of 
freshly picked strawberries, utterly yummy!!
This batch was turned into a quick cake and the rest will be turned into 
scrumptious homemade Ice Cream.
  With my integrity reinstated baby Paperdoll went off to bed absolutely exhausted 
but I’m sure dreaming of her strawberry heaven. 
And I am sure this was not our last trip to the field this year.      
Thank you for coming along, it’s always really nice to share happy times. 

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