Monday 13 January 2014

A pretty reminder....

Hello how has your weekend been....
mine was filled with laundry & ironing.... 
I have spent all weekend trying to catch up with the dirty laundry!  
It‘s a bit of a sour subject with me,  there always seems to be way to much of it!! 
 Just as I have emptied the basket and put a load on, magically more laundry appears
and that is of course AFTER I have asked the clan to make sure all 
the dirty laundry is in the basket INNN the laundry room.  
Maybe I am asking for too much?  Now I’m thinking of having
preset colour laundry days like Monday for darks.... Tuesdays for browns,
reds & pinks and so on, possibly could that be the solution?  
Somehow I doubt it, after all the laundry still has to find it’s way
into the basket first and that seems to be the main problem.
Shame it just can't walk into the basket by itself!  
When I was a child, the laundry rules where very simple,
put the clothes into the basket.... pockets emptied,
zips & buttons closed and no rolled up sleeves or trouser legs
or it didn't get washed.  I learned to stick to these rules very quickly,
especially after my favourite jeans didn't get washed
and I had “nothing” to wear. Trust me I have tried to use these rules 
(not according to teen Paperdoll, well so much for listening) the only problem
is that the Paperdolls wear uniform to school and the schools are very strict
on that, so it could backfire on me if I didn't wash there uniforms.  
But more then the laundry that arrives too late, unchecked pockets are my real bugbear.  
I hate having to put my fingers into pockets never quite knowing what I am going to find.
....Finders keepers is the rule....
.... great if only there was anything worth keeping to find,
if I find any money it’s only coppers.  However I find plenty of gum though....
thankfully most of the time wrapped in paper.... 
sweetie wrappers also feature heavily on the list of finds and pens, a Mr Mc specialty.  
I am "lucky" to be the mum of girls I get told regularly by my friends who have boys, 
....dead insects, sticks and stones are featuring heavy on there lists.  
But my absolute pet hate are hankies especially if one has slipped through 
and I open the machine after the wash only to have all the clothes covered 
with teensy tiny bits of fluff.  So keeping that in mind 
and with the small hope that anyone will take some notice I made this sign....

It had to be big enough not to be missed....
the laundry room doubles as my little creative space so I wanted it to look pretty 
at the same time as well as reminding everyone to check their pockets.

Using a large heavy duty plastic tray 
I bought quite a while ago very cheap and never had any purpose for.....

I love playing around with different fonts but I must admit I have my favourites 
and I find not all fonts work & look as good in fabric as in print.  
The fabric I used is from my stash.

 I think illustrations are sometimes clearer then words
so I added the pocket from a old pair of jeans,
sweets wrappers, some coppers


and finishing it with a pretty vintage hankie from my great grandmother.
It now hangs on the wall over the washer.
And it worked this weekend, as once the laundry finally was delivered to 
the laundry room, of course only after a few reminders 
there was no yucky hankies or anything else inside the pockets. 
Lets see how long that will last for!?

Maybe I should make a similar sign for the dishwasher....
just to remind everyone to put there own dirty dishes into the dishwasher?


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