Friday 10 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions....

Wow we are nearly half way through the first month of 2014.  
I have spent most of the first days of this year in my little creative space 
working away on this & that and whilst I’m in there, listening to my audio books 
I can’t help but wonder will I be having a little space like this again 
and what will the year ahead bring. There are so many unknowns about 2014 
but one thing is certain it will be a year of big changes for me.  
We will celebrate big birthdays & anniversaries 
but it will also be our year of CHANGE in many ways.


There are so many thoughts and feelings swirling through my head 
that I just needed to take a moment today to gather my thoughts 
and write them all down. 
Hopefully I can reflect on them next year with a smile on my face,
coming to the conclusion that the choices Mr Mc and I made 
were the right ones and all has worked out for the best.
This summer, will see Mr Mc leaving the Army after 24 years.  
He has done his time and is ready to leave.  
Nevertheless it's a HUGE CHANGE for him after so many years and 
I’m so VERY proud of him for being so positive and open to the next chapter of his life.  
For me.... I will be happy to leave behind the ever faster pace of Army life....  
the constant chopping and changing.... doing things at the drop of a hat.... 
moving around and never being able to really plan anything in advance.   
But at the same time as it is exiting to start a fresh, it is scary, veeeeeeeery scary!  
After all, this has been my live for 20 years and I have gotten used to it 
much more then I like to admit.  
And I can’t help feeling very sad to leave behind some amazing friends.  
So over the next few months we will be trying to find work for Mr Mc & me.... 
then a new home for us all & schools for the Paperdolls .... register at new Doctor & Dentist.... 
and maybe if all goes well we have to learn a new language, 
generally becoming a part of a new community & country.  I will keep you posted on that.  
Wherever we end up, it’s a lot of adjusting to do for us all....  
and honestly dare I say it, I feel a little daunted by it. 
Summer 2014....
I ‘m stepping into the unknown with a mix of happiness....excitement....
filled with hopes....dreams....but also uneasiness.  
I will be dealing with the changes when they happen 
but until then I just want to enjoy my life as it is now.  
Doing what makes me happy....
so no real New Year's resolutions for me this year,

just trying to a little healthier....

....having a little less sweets....

....finish one craft project before I start a new one....
 ....lets see how long I will stick to that....

....and just generally embracing 2014 
for the roller-coaster year it will be for me
with all it's twist & turns!!

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