Thursday 30 January 2014

Must makes....

I haven’t really made any New Years resolutions, 
but there are a couple of bad crafting habits that I need to address.  
You may remember me telling you last year how I have a bit of a habit of burying 
too many of my “must make” ideas in my head mostly due to indecision.  
It felt at times like as soon as I had an idea I started to pick it apart 
only for it to swirl in my head like a Tornado, leaving me very restless 
and making it hard for me to concentrate on any another project.  
Often these buried ideas almost paralyzed my creativity, 
and I have come to realize that this has to change 
in order for me to really enjoy my creative adventures again.
Therefore the plan for this year is to try and be good, making must make ideas 
when I have them, rather then keep them for “someday other then today”.   
But also to work on an idea until the project is finished, another little problem of mine.... 
once started, I often fall out of love (usually questioning my choices of colour or fabric again) 
or get bored with it (normally when I have worked on it for to long) 
and then I put it away for that “someday other”.  
Unsurprising then really that there are still a few “little” projects staring at me from last year.   
So this month I have been really strict with myself, making my must makes as soon as.  
And over the last couple of weeks I have achieved not just starting a couple of must makes 
but more importantly finishing them.  Granted most of them weren’t big once. 
For me though the fact that there was no over examining of my idea.... 
no indecision on which fabric to use.... or questioning myself, on my choices.... 
just continuing with it even when I thought half way through it wasn't looking right, 
is a huge step in the right direction.... a real accomplishment for me.... making me feel great.
I LOVVVVVVVE all the finished pieces this month!  
And being able to use them straight away, not waiting weeks, months or even years, 
is the icing on the cake!!!

Last weekends must makes include....
a pencil case for me.... my first one since leaving school.... 

....using my all-time favorite paper dolls fabric 
mixed with denim and lined with classic blue gingham.

I chose the paper dolls on the fabric that most reminded me of my Paperdolls.

....I just love it!!!

A notebook cover with attached page marker.... 
I think I have a little notebook obsession

....when I’m dead they will say about me.... “she was the old lady with lots & lots 
of very pretty notebooks in her house, but bizarrely they had no writing in them”.
Truth be told I don’t like writing into very pretty notebooks, 
because I dread the day the pages are full and I can’t use them anymore.... 
yes I know, something else that needs to change.

 I just love the page marker and the yummy smarties button just finishes it up perfectly.

And I’m happy to report I have just gone for it 
and started to use this very very pretty little notebook already!

I also upcycled some paperclips with vintage buttons.... 

great really what you can make with a couple of old buttons....


a glue gun,  and a bit of fabric.

All in all a very productive weekend for me!

 I have also managed to start catching up with some of the abandoned projects from last year!
 Now I wonder why I ever got bored with them in the first place!?  
Let me tell you it feels great to have made the change, 
I got so much more creatively done.   
And I’m looking forward to next weekends must makes....


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  1. Hi Anna, I am adoring your stationery wizardry, and very jealous that i haven't the time to conjure these pieces up for myself... my 'someday project' :)
    I'm Laura and I met your husband Russel whilst he was staying in Aberdeen he and my Fiancee John where in the forces together and were on a catch up session when Russel kindly gave me your blog address and I'm so grateful that he did!