Tuesday 31 March 2015

Sew Anna Bag....

Can you believe we are at the end of March already....
I can't 
....the first quarter of 2015 is over and I feel I have 
only just arrived in this year.  
I’m a little sad to say goodbye to March, 
it has been a good month for me in creative terms.  
I found my sewing mojo again, 
something that had been missing for a little while. 
I have finished up a few projects this month 
which have been lying around abandoned 
and I have been able to make a few of my MUST MAKE ideas 
from my ever long list 
of MUST MAKES as well this month. 

My final completed MUST MAKE for March 2015 is this crossover bag.  
And just like my Gordon’s tartan cape I’m ridiculously pleased with it.  
I have named this bag Sew Anna.
If I’m honest I have never been a big fan of crossover bags in the past.  
Pushing myself through the public transport network 
during rush hour in Berlin over the past few months, 
however I have come to appreciate the benefits of a crossover bag. 
The only crossover bag I own until now has no zip fastening at the top, 
making it not ideal for the pushing & shoving of rush hour. 

So I set out to create a pattern 
which would incorporate all my normal bag needs in a crossover.

Dark blue herringbone tweed, classic casual yet smart.
With beautiful rich brown leather buttons and a perfectly matching leather belt.

Most importantly I designed this bag with a top zip fastening 
to give it that city security it needs.  

Just like my Mereoni Bag (Tartan Bag) I designed last March,
(opps March again what is it with this month and me designing bags) 
I added plenty of inside pockets & a key clip for a hopefully organised bag. 

I added an external zip pocket for my public transport ticket 
for easy accessibility as I hop on and off buses & trains. 

Two large pockets with flaps fastened
by these beautiful real leather buttons,
the look reminds me of a traditional tweed jacket.

Using a mans leather belt as the strap was a nice idea 
but boy was it a struggle to sew it onto the body of the bag.  
Even a excellent domestic sewing machine like mine 
is pushed to its absolute limits 
putting together a heavy leather with two layers of interline tweed.
All the struggle was well worth it in the end though, 
I can’t imagine any better strap for this bag then this belt. 
I LoVe the beautiful aged patina of this buckle 
and I have chosen my external metal zips to resemble that colouring. 

Even with this very heavy buckle the bag is surprisingly light to wear, 
the width of the strap distributes the weight very evenly 
so at times I forget I’m carrying a bag.

I have loved using this bag in the past few days.  
It just looks so great 
especially with my newly up cycled denim jacket 
the two go together perfectly and have become inseparable.

Yes my March has been overall a nice one,

 and the perfect finish for me 
to a nice month like this one, was coming home 
from work on Friday where teen Paperdoll surprised me 
with super scrumptious cupcakes she had baked for me.

Why♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  just to say thank you 
and to show me she appreciated every little thing I do for her.   
It’s so nice to know they may not say it all the time 
but they do notice & appreciate!


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  1. I love your 'classic,casual yet smart looking' bag :) By the way, the 'Mereoni bag' sounds Italian :) I love your creativity!