Tuesday 10 March 2015

Ice cream ....

The perfect home made vanilla ice cream is made with
a few fresh vanilla pods….
plenty of thick cream…
a little sugar….
some egg yolks….
a teeny-weeny bit of patience….
and lots of LoVe!

My perfect combination 
for unbelievably yummy vanilla ice-cream.
I LoVe making ice cream.
I don't have a ice cream maker so my ice creams are still handmade
from start to finish.
I find it so relaxing & comforting the slow pace of the making.
You simply can't rush it, 
great in this normally so fast world.

My patience is rewarded with super yummy ice cream. 
I have to confess listening at the mmmmm’s
from the Paperdolls & Mr Mc 
is almost as good as eating it myself 
…but only almost.


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