Monday 23 February 2015

Head in the clouds….

This past week has been buzzing, 
filled with nothing really and yet plenty.
A normal school week for the Paperdolls, 
means my daily schedule is worked around them.  
No I am not complaining,
 there is still plenty of time left for me to daydream 
or as I like to call it “have my head in the clouds”.

Spellbound by my flowers from Mr Mc, 
a beautiful first hind of spring.

Flick through yummy books, not only cookery ones.

Pampering my hands with divine smelling hand cream,
 picturing my next crocheting project.  

Go on an imaginary voyage with a lovely cup of tea....

Sink into the chair.....

being cuddled by my very own cloud.

Cherish the sun peep through....
I soooooo absolutely LOVE the winter sun peeping through fluffy clouds,
it makes me want to get out there no matter how cold the wind may blow. 

Be mesmerised by the sparkle on the waters surface,

I can spend hours gazing into the endless shimmer.

And when the weekend finally arrives

there is time for us all to explore Berlin together.

I introduced the Paperdolls this weekend to a very special Lady,

her beauty is breathtaking, 
even for someone like me who isn't into Egyptology.
 I just loved watching baby Paperdoll in the museum
(it was really a trip for her).  
She was captivated by the exhibits lots of 
LOOK.... LOOK.... see this....
look mum here.... ahhhhs & ohhhhs. 
The proof that a great teacher can inspire 
a child’s zest for learning well beyond the class room.
THANK YOU Miss Blackburn we all miss you very much!!! 

Me on the other hand I was bewitched by the newly renovated museum building,
that is not at all to say the exhibits aren’t interesting.  

Looking back on the past week, 
 my head was way up there in the clouds
and I have to say I have enjoyed it very much.

Now it’s HELLO to a new week....
and it has already started rather yummy!


Have a great week you all….


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  1. Every picture lovelier than the one before! I especially love stacks of books and to peek at what other people are reading.