Tuesday 3 February 2015

Weekend treasures....

I indulged in a little retail therapy last Saturday....
it wasn’t planed like that.... it just happened, the best way in my book. 
I always find the best treasures (old & new) when I’m least looking for them.
They find me and it would be so rude not to give them a loving home.
Or so I tell myself & Mr Mc, luckily I have a very understanding husband.

Blush & nude are my colours at the moment, 
they make me ever so happy and calm at the same time. 
Anything in those shades catches my attention.

Like this ever so pretty notebook!
Yes.... yes....  I know....
I don't need yet another notebook....

who can blame me for not being sensible though,
it is sooooo very pretty!

It is the perfect motto for me in 2015!
“Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything”

I will try my best!

Another treasure that found a new home in my house 
this weekend is this pretty cup.

Yes….yes….yes….you don't have to say it....
 I really don't need any more cups either.
 I just knew if I didn't buy it I would have regretted it on Sunday! 
Isn't there a saying about never having enough....
surely that doesn’t just count for shoes and bags!     

During a quiet moment on Sunday I grabbed my new cup 
filled it with coffee & mountains of fluffy milk 
and finished my little heart project!  
The cup made a beautiful companion to
a pretty project on an otherwise grey day!

Heart buntings to decorate my fireplace with! 
 I really have been sucked into the Valentines feel this year. 
I LoVe the mantle so far even though it’s not quite finished yet, 
there is another little idea I am working on. 
Sitting on the couch looking at my fireplace, 
 leaves such a feeling of happiness in me.

The hearts remind me of confetti or spring petals flying threw the air,
 who doesn't feel happy looking at those.

A few left over hearts have sparked yet another little creative idea,
  there is also a little something I’d like to make for Mr Mc’s Valentines.

There are a couple of busy days ahead for me. 

I wish you all a beautiful week!!! 


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  1. I don't need any more notebooks either but I just bought one AND I had that one in my hand and put it back. I'm regretting that now! Love your heart garlands. Maybe by next Valentine's Day I will know how to crochet!