Monday 16 February 2015

Monday morning….

Normally not my favourite morning of the week, today was different.
After a hectic early morning start,
 getting the Paperdolls ready & off to school....

time for breakfast....
in peace & quiet! 

I call this Paris on a plate....

I love crunchy yet fluffy croissants 
especially with coarse sea-salt butter topped by Strawberry jam
sooooooo super yummy!

A perfectly boiled egg.

Served with freshly brewed Coffee covered by mountains of fluffy milk
and a long overdue catch up with lovely friends 
across the world via Face Time & phone.
for me this was the perfect start to a bustling week ahead.


1 comment:

  1. That looks like my idea of a perfect morning! I am sitting here very early after a fairly sleepless night and my tummy is grumbling very loudly (even more so after having read your post) and their is a chocolate croissant rising and ready to be baked for my girl when she wakes up but as usual I didn't put one out for myself and I am dearly regretting that right now! Hope you have a lovely day.